Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Early Start on Weekend Sales!

I was surprised to see there were two sales that started today instead of the usual Thursday or Friday start days. I was able to stop by both of them after work today. One had the potential to be was an estate sale that encompassed the house, garage and barn.

Unfortunately, none of their stuff was interesting enough for the booth, or any of my personal collections. Plus their prices seemed pretty high. It had a LOT of stuff, it was just the same old same old stuff. They told me as I was leaving that Friday is half off day-all day from 9-3. Even though it was only a few miles from home, I don't think there was a thing in that sale that would make it worth it to drive out there on Friday-even with prices being half off!

The last stop was a sale advertising lots of vintage. There was a whole table filled with clear storage bins and each bin was filled with things like hankies, doilies, aprons, dishtowels, etc. My heart skipped a beat once I realized what was in each bin!!

Then I saw the "dealer" price tags and the "dealer" prices-ugh!!! $4 for each hankie, $4-$8 for aprons, cutter quilts that were $65...everything was priced like their garage suddenly became our local antique mall! I did spend a while digging through the linen bins, and was pleasantly surprised to find two tablecloths that were only a dollar each.

The people having the sale must not value old tablecloths for them to be that cheap. Score for me though!! I couldn't believe the crocheted white cotton yarn doily with a green yarn edge that was priced at $8!

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