Thursday, August 16, 2012


I need some advice! On July 31st I got  two messages via Ebay for a second chance on two items that I had bid on. I was really confused because I wasn't the second highest bidder-far from it!

I was bidding on a vintage Fiesta relish tray with inserts in excellent condition, and a vintage Fiesta coffee pot in great condition. The original sell price on the relish tray was almost $100 more than my bid, and the original sell price on the coffee pot was over $80 more than my bid.

I couldn't figure out why the seller contacted me to offer a second chance when there were other bidders who were higher than I was, but I was THRILLED beyond belief to think that I was going to get them both!!! To say I was giddy was an understatement!! I jumped on it and payed with Paypal immediately on July 31. I didn't even ask the seller to combine the shipping!

On August 2nd, I got two Ebay generated emails that said my packages were marked as shipped. I contacted the seller on the 9th to let them know I hadn't received them yet, and to ask for a tracking number. I was told they didn't put a tracking number on them because they usually only sell things that are less than $10, and don't want to pay the extra fee for the tracking number. They said the items were shipped and should arrive any day, and to please notify them when I receive them. it is the 16th and still no packages ( I could have driven to Florida, picked them up and brought them home in 16 days!). I sent another email to let them know, but I have little hope of ever getting my items. I'm wondering if they were ever even sent due to the low, low price I paid. Maybe they are hoping I'll get tired of waiting and ask for a refund, and then they can just re-list them and get more of what they are worth in another auction.

The seller only has a 28 feedback-all positive, but all for just low priced resale shop type items-nothing as collectible or valuable as these things. So, it wouldn't hurt them to have to dump this seller account and start up a new one, as much as it would someone with hundreds of feed backs.

I am SOOOO BUMMED!!! I was so excited to think I was getting them, and so excited at the low price!!! What should I do? What can I do? Or am I just out of luck-get a refund, but not my items?? I've only had one thing take longer than this to get, and it was something Kevin bought from a seller in Hong Kong!!!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated-thanks friends!!


  1. I would contact Ebay, what proof do they have that they shipped them, they should have a receipt from shipper, I think it is up to them to follow up ... in the past when I have contacted P.O. on shipments I was told shipper is the one that has to look into it. Good Luck.

  2. That is a bummer, hope they eventually get to you and it wasn't some kind of scam.

  3. The seller has a certain amount of time to get the items to you. If you don't have the items, file a claim and let ebay sort it all out.

  4. I would let eBay resolve this issue. It does seem odd that the sellers offered you (not the next highest bidder) a "second chance."