Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Box Full of Sweetness!

The other day, a friend of mine gave me a small box. It was full of vintage baby sweetness! She was given the box by a man who's wife had passed away 2 years ago, and he was just getting to her things to clean them out. He didn't want to throw them away, but he didn't know if anyone would want them, so he gave them to my friend and asked her to give them to someone who might appreciate them.

He and his wife had only had boys and they only had boys, and she so desperately wanted a little girl. She held on to some things in the hope she might eventually have a little girl in the family to share the goodies with.   Some of the items look like they could be boy things to me, maybe they were from her boys and her husband didn't even know...

Do you collect baby stuff? That's one thing I haven't gotten in to...yet! This would be a good start on a collection...but I'm partial to glass and pottery, and table so much clothes.

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