Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another Week gone in an instant!

I can't believe how fast these summer weeks are going! I thought once volleyball was done for the summer that I'd end up with so much free time, that I'd get all my projects done, spend some time reading in the hammock, visit some antique shops that I haven't been to in a while, and just have some down time. That hasn't happened. Life has been even busier now than it was when I was playing volleyball 4 nights a week!

We've had some great family visits with extended family, and we've tried some new things, and we've been busy with just day to day stuff as well as typing a bunch of paperwork for Kevin's application for a promotion at his work. Last Friday, after Zoe's party, I found out my uncle had passed away. His wife, my mom's sister died about 16 months ago from melanoma that spread to her brain.

He had a stroke the week before and another on Thursday. He leaves behind 4 adult kids and 3 grandkids. He was pretty young too, only in his early 60's. My family sure has lost a lot of loved ones in the past couple of years! Just a big reminder to live every day as if it were your last, because you never know if you're going to be here tomorrow!

If you are a praying person, please keep my cousins in your prayers. They are pretty devastated at losing both parents, and so close together. Now they are trying to sort through a maze of either no will or not much of one and possibly losing the family home that 2 of them still live in with 2 of the grandkids.
I went blueberry picking yesterday and filled my bucket. Although when we started, it didn't look very promising. There were a ton of green and partially ripe berries on the bushes, so we had to work harder this year to fill our buckets. The friend that I went with only picked half of a bucket and plans to go back this week when picking should be easier.

After the berries were settled in the freezer, I went to a few sales. One of the sales I went to was a perpetual sale and it is one of my favorites. I drive by all the time looking for their sign, and when I saw it yesterday, it made my day!!

I always find great things at their sale and have been known from time to time to fill my car right up. I didn't fill my car, but I got some great things. Things that might have to join my vintage foster care system for a while before they go to the booth and find new homes.

I also was able to pick up the last few forks and spoons for the big wedding that is later today. I am so looking forward to the ceremony and the reception. I plan on taking a lot of pictures! The weather is supposed to be in the low 70's - just perfect for a barn reception!

Last night we went to see a free concert outside at a local courthouse. The Cats and the Fiddler were playing. I've seen this group playing for many years and have watched them grow up. This was their last concert of the summer as they are all going off to college in the fall. They are very talented kids with pretty awesome musical abilities. I was so happy they played I'll Fly Away-it's my all time favorite song that they do.

We ran into a ton of people from church at the concert. It was a fun night out and best of all, it was free!!! We took Lucy for her first outing in public. She did really well, although the clapping scared her and every once in a while there was the loud feedback hum that really scared her. It was a fun night with great weather

Here are the things I've picked up this week...

 A bag of hockey pucks for yard art projects-if I can get the labels/designs off.

 6 vintage jadite dinner plates.

I also got a laundry tub from a local church rummage sale. It was a fundraiser for their youth group mission trip. It has sturdy metal legs-unlike the one I got at the big box hardware store last year with the cheap plastic legs that collapsed and cracked after one use!

Now to get ready for the wedding that I've been gathering plates and flatware for -can't wait to see how it all comes together!!!

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