Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sometimes I just want to be a hermit!

Do you ever get to a point where you just get so burned out on people? I do, every once in a while. When I reach that point, I usually start dreaming of living on a deserted island or way up in the woods in the U.P..

The past couple of weeks have really been a doozy! I have had people come to me with things that one person told them I said (which I never said). I have had relatives blow me off. I watched a woman yelling, slapping and jerking around an elderly woman in a store. I've had people snap and bark at me and be nasty to me. I've even had people lie right to my face!

I am so glad it is the weekend and I can just hang out at my own house, and maybe float around the pool for a few hours and let all the "people" drift from my mind.

All of the "people" I mentioned bothered me and even hurt me, but the one that bothered me the most (still bothers me) is the woman being rough with the elderly woman in the store. I was standing at the deli waiting for some rotisserie chicken to come out of the oven when I heard someone yelling in a nasty tone.

When I looked up, I saw her jerking the arm of a frail, elderly lady (who very obviously was not all together there), she was trying to get her to keep her hand on the cart so she wouldn't wander off while the woman looked at something. She slapped her hand, and kept jerking it toward the cart handle as she was yelling at her to put her hand on the cart.

I was so appalled that I gasped out loud before I could stop myself. Eric was with me and he looked too and he was appalled as well. I felt the look on my face, and couldn't stop it. After she saw us, she lowered her voice and was not as rough with the older woman. I am hoping she just didn't realize what she was doing and stopped. My heart breaks to think the elderly woman might have to live with that kind of treatment on a regular basis.

There was a younger woman there too, and she looked up at me as well-almost as if she was daring  me to say something! She even walked closer to us-whether or not it was to look at something near where we were standing or to come up to me, I don't know. I do know that Eric stepped up to my side and gave her a look while I loaded the chicken in our cart and walked away. He felt she was coming to us to start something, I don't know-it all happened so fast.

I am still regretting not saying something, but as I think about it, I wonder if it would have turned into a scene and become ugly and not done anything to protect the elderly lady. What would you have done? Have you ever seen anything like this? What did you do?

I am not trying to malign the woman from the store, or disrespect her in any way. I am just trying to process what I saw, because it really broke my heart.

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  1. I would have called the police -- hopefully, they would have arrived before the abusive woman left the store.