Sunday, July 14, 2013

FUN Weekend!!!

Since we've been home from our vacation to the U.P., we have been super busy, but we've also found some time for some fun! Getting back into the swing of things at work and home after being gone for 2 weeks, takes a lot of energy. Good thing for weekends!!!

On Friday, Eric and I went to our town's sidewalk sales. I haven't been to sidewalk sales since we first moved in. While it was fun to walk around, I don't plan to make the sales a "must do" every year.

When Kevin got home from work, we headed to Dexter to learn some Scottish country dances for the wedding we are going to at the end of the month for our friend Bonnie's daughter. We almost didn't make it, Kevin got off work at 5, but traffic was so bad that it took him an hour and twenty minutes to get home.

We did make it and we had so much FUN! We knew going in that we are both extremely uncoordinated, and neither one of us got the dancing gene, but we still laughed and had a great time. I am really looking forward to the Oxo reel at the wedding-I think that is the only one we got the hang of. I'm hoping they do the dances on a regular basis after the wedding.

 95 year old barn. We were in the upstairs and the caller lives downstairs with his wife.

 We had live music to dance to!

Saturday was the day of our annual community sale at a local high school. I've been going every year since the first one, and it has grown into a really fun sale. It gets bigger and bigger every year with more and more shoppers every year.

This  year due to construction, the sale was moved to a side parking lot. I think I like it better in the side parking lot, like it was this year. I hope they keep it there next year!

Kevin and I went and we got there about 10 minutes before it was "supposed" to open. The parking lot and driveway was packed with cars, and some people were even leaving with bags of stuff! Next year, I guess we need to arrive a half an hour early!

I missed out on a pair of butterprint fridgies by mere seconds, but I got a few other things that took away the sting of missing out.

After the community garage sale, we went to a local Farmer's market. We got LOTS of awesome produce, picked up a few things to plant in our flower beds, and got an Amish pecan pie and cherry fry pie.

We came home and did a marathon weeding job, since all of our flower beds grew like crazy while we were gone, and then planted our new plants. Later in the afternoon, I got to watch little Logan for a couple of hours while his mom and dad went for a walk at a local park.

Then I got an email that I'm still smiling over! Remember this past spring when Eric and I went to my parents (around Easter) and we saw the hearse with the license plate DIRTN4P? Jeff, the owner of DIRTN4P-aka Spirit, found my post and sent me an email.

The hearse is his personal car, and he's fixing her up to be a show car-how FUN! He's been enjoying all of the looks, and attention he's been getting with his car. Turns out, he works near the Dollar store in Gaylord, so if you're in the area, swing by the parking lot and you can see her for yourself!

Today was the best day of all! We had a family dinner with all 4 of us!!! I can't even remember the last time that all four of us have been together for dinner. It's too bad the weekend is over, and work begins again tomorrow. This has been such a fun-packed weekend, I don't want it to end!!

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  1. I love that dresser! How lucky are you that it is already the perfect shade of turquoise? I am on the hunt for that exact same style for Maddie's room remodel.

    Glad you had such a fun weekend:-)