Saturday, March 8, 2014

Jeffrey's, Bad Creek, Maumee...OH MY!!!

Yesterday my junkin buddy, Auntie from Kitschy Vintage and I took off on a southern adventure that included stops to Jeffrey's Antiques in Findlay, Ohio, A Swan Creek Candle/Antique store, Bad Creek Antiques in Delta, Ohio, and the Maumee Antique Mall in Maumee, Ohio.

WoW! What a FUN day!!! We pretty much shopped til we dropped! We had one more place on our list to hit on the way home and we were both too tired to even think about getting out of the car. So, I think we'll have to plan a trip to Blissfield so that we can hit the Swan Creek Candle/Antique store in Dundee since we missed it on this trip!

I didn't realize that Jeffrey's is only about an hour and a half away. I've only ever gone to it on the way to Florida or on the way home. Now that I know how close it is, we'll have to make plans to visit it a few times a year-at least!

The dealers at Jeffrey's all pretty much seemed to have full, well-stocked booths. Although, some dealers had stuff just laying on the floor, or sitting on the floor-no tables! It didn't look like they had a table at one point and someone bought it. It looked like that was just how they chose to display their stuff. Dishes, linens, kitcheware, all just on the floor. I don't get that! My way of thinking is, how can you expect people to value your stuff enough to buy it if you don't value it enough to put in on a table or display it in a way that shows it off to its best advantage? You've seen me complain about this before. What are your thoughts on this? Do you mind going into crowded booths with stuff all over the floor?

We had a great visit, but I am afraid I might have pushed Auntie a bit faster than she wanted to go. She was a great sport about it, but I know she likes to take her time and go through things at a much slower pace than I do. We both got some good things at Jeffrey's, and I think we both really enjoyed our time there-time well spent!

Look at this AMAZING tub-for sale at Jeffrey's! I don't love what they did to the feet, but the rest of it is pretty sweet!!!

Then we started back north toward home and a few stops along the way. First stop was at  a Swan Creek Candle/Antique shop, where we raced to the antiques and then back out as quickly as possible. The candle smell is so over-powering, and with my cold-it really hit me hard!! Then we stopped at a little estate sale in a heated garage. We found a few fun things we couldn't leave behind, but the cigarette smoke from the person holding the sale, pushed us out the door pretty quickly! I did manage to grab a pair of giant pearl-like, clip-on earrings for a friend's daughter for only $2-I hope this is what she was talking about when she asked me to look for them.

A couple of months ago, I found an antique shop on Facebook called Bad Creek Antiques in Delta, and I've been dying to check it out in person. I almost hopped in the car one Sunday not to long ago after church, but I stopped to look them up really quickly to see what their hours were, and found out they aren't open on Sunday or Monday-whew! That would have been a very long, wasted trip!

They seem to specialize in repurposed or repainted furniture, with a few household antiques tucked in here and there. I'm not even sure how I found their Facebook page, but I think it had something to do with the gorgeous white outside, turquoise inside corner cupboard! As I was looking at their pictures, I noticed an iron bed. Guess what!?! It was still there!!! was 30% off!!!

 Oh, if I only had the room!!! LOVE this cupboard!!!

Look at this chair shelf! We both commented on it-we've seen them before with the whole seat at the shelf-I like this a lot better!

 I've been looking for a few years for a second white, iron, twin bed for our spare bedroom., and I was THRILLED to get this one-it goes really well with the one I already had.Now, I just need to get rid of all the excess junk treasures from that room, and not use it as a storage room, so it's more comfortable for guests!

I also picked up a Fire King, Tulip splash proof mixing bowl in wonderful shape (it's in even better shape than the large one I got a few years ago at Greenmead. I had no idea the one I had was so yellow until I put the one I got yesterday with it), and an old rolling pin with red handles. I'm looking for one with green handles and one with black handles now. I'd love to find one with turquoise handles and one with pink handles too.

We asked the lady who was working there if there was a good place around for lunch and she recommended a place right across the street called 109 Tavern and Restaurant. So, that's where we went. Our food was really good and the atmosphere was interesting. If I ever go back to Bad Creek around meal time again, I would definitely go back! It was pretty reasonable and I enjoyed what I got.

After that we were supposed to stop at another place on they way to the Maumee Antique Mall, but even though their sign said they were OPEN, they had a big metal gate across their door and it was padlocked. It was a tiny little place, that I won't make a special trip to go to, but it was frustrating to once again go to a place that wasn't open when it was supposed to be.

Our last stop of the day, and probably the longest stop of the day was at the Maumee Antique Mall, in Maumee, Ohio (near Toledo). WOW! I can't understand why it has taken me so long to go there!! It was AWESOME!!! TONS and tons of booths with a wonderful variety of items to look at and buy. Great prices for the most part-some were too high, but you get that at any antique/collectibles place. They even had shopping carts that you could push around so you wouldn't need to make any trips to the front to hold the stuff you want to buy. We didn't take a cart, but we probably should have, we both made several trips to the front.

I feel bad because I coughed sooooo much while we were in there that Auntie said she never had to wonder where I was when we got separated, because she could hear me coughing-ugh!!! How embarrassing!!! We filled up my car with all of our finds-good thing my seats were all out from Monday when Mr BHTS picked up our new stove!

I'm looking forward to another trip, hopefully early summer to Maumee. It is very worth the trip! I just hope that when I go back the workers don't say, "hey, aren't you that lady that coughed non-stop last winter?"

My treasures for the day include: a fuschia and white tablecloth and two vintage hat pins from Jeffrey's, a blue aluminum pitcher from the estate sale (it was in really rough shape-the outside was all frosty looking, but I took a chance for $2), the iron bed, tulip bowl and rolling pin, from Bad Creek, a Fiesta green covered casserole with a very small chip on the base, a multi-colored drink shaker, a glass orange drink bottle with cardboard lid, and a Kitchen Kraft green teapot from Maumee Antiques.

I saw the Kitchen Kraft teapot out of the corner of my eye as I was hacking up my lungs, and trying to get away from other shoppers but on my quick, glance I noted no "rings" even though it was the right color to be Fiesta, and by that point I was just rushing to get past the people I was irritating with my coughing. Auntie came by after me and picked it up. She was going to buy it, but graciously gave it up to me to buy-isn't that a sweet friend!?! When I was paying for my stuff, the cashier told me green must be my color. I didn't even realize I was getting two things in the same color. Must have been from lack of oxygen from coughing so much!

The lid on the casserole is mint! I got both pieces for less than the lid alone. I am one happy treasure hunter after finding the casserole dish and lid at the price I got it for!!! Now the hunt begins for the lid for the Kitchen Kraft teapot!

I'm glad I took a chance on the blue aluminum pitcher! After some elbow grease with Bar Keeper's Friend and some stainless steel wipes, it looks like it will look pretty mint once I get the whole thing done!

Bottom side is done, top side is all frosty still.It was hard to capture how much of a difference there was-but believe me, it looks like night and day different!

What a FUN day!!! I can't wait for our next adventure!! How about you? Have you been on any fun adventures lately??


  1. I am fry obsessed & those fries look delicious!

    I have been to Maumee Antique Mall. I got bored of looking around. It was gigantic, but there didn't seem to be many things I wanted to bring home. I was there on Monday, Memorial Day Weekend, so maybe that had something to do with it. I had also thrifted/antiqued for 8 hours a couple days before. Stopped at 2 antique malls beforehand. & partied in Detroit at the electronic music festival the night before. I found the prices reasonable. $3 for a 471 mint Town & Country with lid? Not what I wanted, but GREAT PRICE!

    1. The fries were delicious-some of the best I've ever had!

      We got tired of looking and we didn't have anywhere near as long of a weekend that you had! It's a lot to take in-especially if you've been looking at other places too. I saw a ton of Pyrex at great prices, but I'm at the point now where I only want to buy what I need to finish up my sets-which is slowly getting to be less and less! ;)

      I'm not a fan of Town & Country, but I agree that was a great price!!

      I was thrilled to get the Fiesta casserole and lid for less than $25!!