Friday, August 1, 2014

Did I ever mention...

Did I ever mention that I have a small soft spot addiction to vintage tablecloths? I stopped today at a random garage/moving sale. It wasn't advertised, I just happened to drive by it on my way to one that was advertised. The advertised one was a total frog. They had nothing like what they advertised, and since the closest way home was to go back the way I came, I took a chance and stopped.

They didn't have much, usually I don't stop for such small sales, but I saw a couple of blenders from the road, and was hoping they were vintage, and hoping there would be more vintage kitchenware there as well. The blenders were vintage, but there wasn't any other vintage kitchenware. I was just about to leave when I saw this beauty!

$2-still has the Wilendur tag...some stains...still holes, tears or thin spots! Still doing a happy dance!!

These came in the mail-a few more pillow shams made from vintage tablecloths. I can't wait to get out and get some pillow forms to stuff into these! They are going to look GREAT in my sun room with all of my vintage Fiesta, Pyrex, quilts and tablecloths!! They are from the same seller that I got the first one from. She was willing to make a deal for me since I was a repeat buyer.

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  1. LOVE the tablecloth!! You just never know at sales what you may find!