Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Summer Wish List in Pictures!

Friends ask all the time if they can keep an eye out for something for me when they are garage saling, and usually by the time I describe what I'm looking for, their eyes glaze over and I know they will never remember. So, I came up with a flash card type wish list that I can laminate, and cut into little cards, and if anyone asks again, I can give them a set of cards!

I found all of the pictures online, not my own, but the flash card idea was mine!

While it would be fun to find all of this, I will be happy just hunting for it this summer! Have you ever thought about wish list flash cards?


  1. Here's hoping you get to cross off some of those goodies from your wish list!!! My wish list has just one thing on it right now: a globe...vintage... Keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!

    1. Good luck on your search! I've seen tons of vintage globes here in Michigan-hope you find yours!!! :)

  2. I see why these are on the wish list> Many of them I have never seen, & I've been shopping antiques for > 30 yrs!

  3. What a great idea your list is! You have some HTF items, so wishing you luck! But we all enjoy the thrill of the hunt. :)