Sunday, October 3, 2010

Flat Rock Flea Market...

Today, Kevin and I took off to check out a flea market at the Flat Rock Speedway. It is a semi-annual (twice a year) flea market sponsored by the Flat Rock Historical Society. The advertisement said there were over 300 vendors. I think at the most there were 100-maybe even a little less. The weather could have played a part in that though. As of last night at 10:00pm, the forecast was calling for a 60% chance of rain all day. When I got up, it was calling for clear skies with lots of clouds until around 1:00pm. See what I mean about Michigan weather? Blink a couple times and it changes! Now they aren't calling for rain until after 6pm.

I would definitely be interested in going back in May, I heard there are a LOT more vendors in the spring. I saw a lot of the same vendors from Midland and from Greenmead. There was a lot of things to see, and a couple of the booths were very overwhelming because there was just so much!
 When we started off, it was 44 degrees and it was going back and forth between misty and sunny.


Admission was free and parking was free!

 Fiesta!!! Same guy from Midland

It was so windy, that one booth up at the top of the track lost a ton of glassware when a big gust of wind blew over a wooden door with leaded glass windows and it had a domino effect and hit a dresser, which in turn hit a buffet cabinet, both of which were loaded with glassware. I think everyone in the whole speedway hear the massive crash. I feel bad for the dealer, I bet that probably wiped out all of their profits for the day.

This is what I got...
 a tablecloth

 2 juice glasses

Just down the street was this place...of course we had to stop!

 I LOVED their floors! They had free donuts and coffee and a lot of the booths were having sales today-probably to tie in with the flea market. I didn't find anything I couldn't live without, but it was still fun to stop and check it out. Now I have another mark to make on my map!

It was a nice date day with my hubby. We got a quick lunch out and we were home by 12:30. Sorry for the fuzzy pictures, my camera phone isn't the best.

It felt weird walking around in my winter coat with gloves on! I am soo NOT ready for winter and colder weather!!!

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