Friday, October 22, 2010

Slim Pickin's...

You can tell summer is over-the garage sales and estate sales are shriveling up! This week there were only 34 sales in our local paper and only 10 in our area. Of those 10, I found 4 that looked promising. The first one was an estate sale in an old Victorian house that had been converted into 3 apartments. The sale was in only one of the apartments and the basement. It was very tiny, (I had to duck and walk hunched over in the basement) and I didn't find a single thing that I couldn't live without!

The next sale was an advertised estate sale, but there were no signs and no cars around the house, so I didn't stop. A local mobile home park has sales in their clubhouse from time to time and that was my third stop. I didn't find anything there either. The last sale was in a senior living condo community. I did get these 3 frames for $1-nothing special, but I think I can use them for a project.

I met Adam for lunch, and then visited our local Salvation Army Thrift Store, and a local consignment shop. This is what I got at S.A.:

 5 napkins for 99 cents.

 A vintage tablecloth-all springy-like.

 A cool vintage-y looking tin for Christmas cookies.

 A vintage Christmas tablecloth.

 A Detroit Tigers NWT Ordonez t-shirt $3.

This is what I got at the consignment store:

It says Spode~England on the bottom. It's purple!

It was a nice sunny day to be out and about, but slim pickin's for the treasure seeker in me!

How did you do this week with your finds?

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