Monday, October 4, 2010

Flea Markets, Festivals, and Sales…

All last winter, I was dying to visit the World’s Longest Yard Sale again. Kevin and I had visited in 2008, and since that visit, I couldn’t wait to go back! I thought that nothing else could compare to the excitement and adventure. When I figured out the expense of gas, hotels, meals out, and then spending money on top of all of that, I realized…it may be exciting and a super fun adventure, but it was also really expensive! So that set me on a quest to find other big sales closer to home so that I could use my home as my base and not have to pay hotel fees.

I can’t believe the adventures I have had this winter, spring and summer, and had I not been so disappointed in not being able to do the WLYS, and been searching for things closer to home-I would have missed out on lots of fun and some great treasures!

For starters, I got more focused on garage sales and estate sales. Every week I scan the local paper,, and Craigslist for local estate and garage sales, and map out a quest for adventure and treasures. I’ve gotten quite a system down for mapping them out and have really given my GPS a work out!

Not all of those sales were that great. Some were downright pathetic, or “frogs” as Auntie and I call them. Some were “princes” but most were in between.

I also found out that there were tons of antique shops, all within driving distance from my home. So I also set out on a quest to visit any and all shops I could find. Sometimes, Auntie and I would have 7 to 9 shops to visit in a day, and sometimes only 1 or 2. I’ve been marking all of our stops on my large, laminated Michigan map. I still have quite a few places to get to, but I’m pretty impressed with our progress so far.

We’ve also visited a bunch of flea markets and parking lot/structure sales, a festival here and there, and even a few fundraiser and community sales.

This past year has been a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to whatever treasure seeking adventures come my way in the next year and beyond. Here are some sales/places that I won’t want to miss next year, so I’m marking my calendar now!

These are the 2011 dates and times:

Here are some that I’ve already visited and plan to visit again!

Michigan Antiques & Collectibles Festival
June 4-5 July 23-24 Sept. 25-26
Midland County Fairgrounds
$5 admission
up to 1000 vendors

Royal Oak Parking Structure Sale
Saturday, July 16 9:30a - 6p
Sunday, July 17 9:30a - 5p
Lafayette & Sixth St. Parking Structure
$2 Admission
100+ vendors
Warren Civic Center Parking Structure Sale
Saturday, May 28 10am-5pm
Sunday, May 29 10am-5pm
City Square Parking Structure
$2 admission
100+ vendors
Greenmead’s Flea Markets
Sunday, June 5
Sunday, September 11
$2 admission
175 vendors
Flatrock Historical Society Flea Market
Sunday, May 1
Sunday, October 2
Free admission and parking
up to 300 vendors

Here are some new ones to check out and add to our 2011 list of adventures!
Tried this first one several years back (a few times) when it was called Treasurefest…it was a big one, but it was very cold…and it seemed to dwindle in size-hope it is big again and worth the drive!

Ingham County Superfest Flea Market
Saturday, February 5
Sunday, February 6
Ingham County Fairgrounds
$4 admission
up to 500 vendors

Fairgrove Motorsports Flea Market & Bean Festival Flea Market
June 9 & 10 and Labor Day weekend
Free Admission
100+ vendors

Holland Flea Market
1st Saturday, May-October
Ottowa County Fairgrounds
1286 Ottawa Beach Rd
400+ vendors

Jack Loek’s Flea Market (may not still be active)
Saturday & Sundays
May - October
1400 28th St SW
up to 400 vendors
50¢ admission

Kalamazoo Fairgrounds Indoor Flea Market
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays
65-100 vendors

Armeda Outdoor Flea Market
Tuesdays & Sundays
Mid April-October
up to 250 vendors

Trufant Auction & Flea Market
Dawn to 4pm
up to 250 vendors
303 North "C" Street

Fisk Farm Flea Market
White Lake Historical Society
Third Saturday

Centerville Antique & Collectible Show
Second Sunday of the Month
St. Joseph County Fairgrounds
316 E. Charlotte
Centreville, MI
 8am to 3:30pm / $4
up to 650 vendors

Other places to search for garage sales and estate sales:
Local classified ads

Here are some antique shops I plan to visit this winter:
Williamston Antiques Mall-Williamston, Mi
Knightsbridge Antiques Mall-Northville, Mi
Lambs Gate & Salvage Yard-Grand Ledge, Mi
Bay City Antique Mall-Bay City, Mi
Carrigetown Antique Mall-Flint, Mi
Livingston Antique Outlet-Howell, Mi
Antique Warehouse-Saginaw, Mi
Next summer, I’m hoping to take a trip up the west coast of Michigan and visit the many interesting looking shops along the way.

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