Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fresh Eggs...

With Auntie being out of town, Eric is chicken-sitting. He doesn't have to stay at her house, but does have to go over in the morning to let the girls out, and in the evening to put them to bed. One big perk is free, fresh eggs! We've gotten a dozen in just the last 2 days! There was one giant egg from one of her older girls-it was a double yolk! The rest are just little pullet eggs. I made a big breakfast this morning-Eric got the double-yolker!!

Now, we can't wait for our girls to start laying!!!

He got 5 more eggs this morning from Auntie's girls-it's pretty exciting for him. The anticipation of his girls finally laying some eggs is killing him though- LOL!


  1. I'm happy that the girls are giving you guys lots of fresh eggs! Hopefully there'll be more than just one blue egg soon...

  2. We got 2 gray eggs in with the brown ones...maybe those will be blue when your girls get a little older... Eric and Kevin turned a wooden egg on the lathe today and hid it in the nesting boxes in the coop-hoping the girls will see it and get a clue-LOL!!!