Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh Romeo, Romeo, Where For Art Thou Romeo?

Kevin and I took off this morning for an adventure to Romeo, Michigan and the 5 antique shops that I found on various sites online. It took quite a while to get there, and it was a long gloomy ride. It was misty, foggy and gray today, but at least we didn't get the freezing rain they were calling for.

 We found 2 antique shops and were informed that the others had closed.The first shop had quite a few vendors, it occupied 3 floors in the building and there was a lot of "guy" stuff that Kevin enjoyed looking at. I found a Fiesta #7 mixing bowl in mint was a mere $95...only about twice as much as I am willing to spend, but it was still neat to see it and touch it! LOL!

The prices seemed to be pretty high, and with the long drive, I can't imagine visiting again. The other shop (across the street) had probably a dozen antiques and the rest was all new stuff, the owner said she just isn't carrying much "old stuff" anymore. She's the one who told me that the other shops had all closed.

We managed to get a few shots of some really neat houses and buildings while we were in Romeo, and we stopped off at Kevin's sister's house in Rochester Hills on the way home. We had a nice visit and light dinner of her homemade soup and salad.

On the way home from Rochester Hills, we stopped at a thrift store and a Salvation Army Thrift store. I picked up a couple of clear hurricane globes for an event at church in the spring, and Kevin got a wool sweater.

As far as finding treasures, and the gloomy weather, today was a frog. Hoping to check out a couple shops tomorrow...maybe one of them will be a prince!

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