Monday, December 20, 2010

Sometimes Patience Pays Off!

Remember a few posts back when I was at the Williamston Antique Mall, and was trying to decide if I should get the five Fiesta mixing bowls that were on sale-but still really expensive? I ended up not getting them because I just couldn't spend $175 on bowls-not even vintage Fiesta bowls!

Since then, I've been really keeping my eyes peeled for them and have a million saved searches on Ebay for them. I've picked up a couple here and there very cheaply, and was thrilled. Last week, I won a set of 4 on Ebay for....ready? Are you sitting down?? $23.72-for all FOUR!!! I guess that is confirmation that I did the right thing by walking away!

In the set, two of them have damage. One has a large chip that has been glued back on, and a couple of cracks, and one has a hairline crack. The other two are in GREAT shape! I felt like jumping up and down-as I kept saying to myself-"I got a 6! I got a 6! I got a 6! I can't believe I actually got a 6!" Number 6 bowls have been very scarce, almost as scarce as number 7's-at least in my price range.

So now, with these additions, I have 3 - #4's, 2 - #1's, 2 - #2's 1 - #3, and a SIX! I'd like to sell the latest #4, but it's in rough shape-do you think anyone would buy it? I would be fine on display nesting in the set because they all fit so tightly together, and even on it's own with that side turned toward the wall or back of a cabinet, it would be o.k....

 See the chunk that was glued back in on the green bowl's rim?

 This is the #6. It has only one small ding on the rim with a little wear also.

 A #1 in yellow-in excellent shape.

 A #2 in red in pretty good shape-a little wear and a small ding on the rim.

See what I mean about the chip not looking so bad if it's turned to the back?

Considering their age, they really are in great shape! Now I need to finish off the set (or sets since I am collecting two sets), and sell the green one. I need to find 2 - #7's, a #6, 2 - #5's and a #3. I'd like to find another in the dark blue, and a couple in the ivory-but I've noticed the ivory seems to be really hard to find.

Slow and steady wins the race! I'll keep watching and waiting, and hoping!


  1. I love fiesta ware too and want a set of those bowls too!
    I think someone would buy the damaged got them at such a great price you can price them low and still make money.

  2. Hi Hello Vintage! Thanks for stopping by! I think they are gorgeous too! ;)