Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sneaking out on a Sunday afternoon...

Today Auntie and I took off for a couple of hours to check out a local estate sale company's moving sale. They do estate sales, and have a store where they sell the excess, and they were moving to a new location. They didn't feel like hauling all the treasures to the other side of town, so they had a huge sale.

 I know everybody and their brother made these when they were younger-but I didn't, and I really like them especially for a quarter!

 This is actually a hat-it will be a Christmas gift.

 New looking lawn chairs $4 for all 4-perfect for by our sand volleyball court next summer!

 A Christmas platter for 50 cents-perfect for giving away Christmas cookies!

A Corning french white dish to replace the one broken by one of my guys-only $1.50!

We stopped at their new location-but didn't find anything we couldn't live without. Then we made a quick stop at Treasuremart!!! Auntie didn't get to go with me last week when I went and we were going right past anyway...

Usually they aren't open on Sundays, but because of the holidays, they have been open the past few. I learned today that you look at the date on the price tag, and for every month that the item is in the shop, it goes down 10%. 

I found this Candlewick salad set. I've been looking for a set for a few years-so I was thrilled to find it!

It looks a little scuffed in the picture, but it is just sticky residue from the price stickers-that I haven't washed off yet!

I stopped at Walmart on my way home to pick up a site-to-store order that I've been waiting for. 
 Looks kinda like Fiesta-don'tcha think? I like it!!

Only 3 days to work next week, then my parents are here for a few days. Looking forward to getting a pedicure with Mom on Thursday (she just surprised me by asking me to go with her), and going out to lunch!
It'll just be my parents and us for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day-then on the 26th-we celebrate with all of my Dad's brothers, and their kids and their kids. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again. We are doing appetizers only this year and not a big meal with all the fixins. Any suggestions on some easy appetizers? I don't know what to take-everything and nothing sounds good right now...tell me what you like to make-I need ideas!!!

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  1. i love the potholders and serving spoons! have a very merry christmas!