Monday, December 20, 2010

YAY! Adam got a job...I think...

Adam (my 19 yr old son) sent me a text message this afternoon while I was at work that said, "I got the job". I sent back the "YAY! Congratulations-proud of you" text. Then I asked, when do you start?  (he interviewed for a CNA position at a nursing home). How much will you be making? How many hours will you be working? Will you still keep your other job? He answered..."sometime in January", "I don't know", "I don't know"."yes" and "4pm-12am".

He has to go for a physical (and I'm assuming a drug test) at their choice of doctor, but he isn't even sure if they take our insurance. He had two papers to give to his current co-workers to fill out as references, and a direct deposit form. They hired him, gave him a new hire packet, but never checked his references, and haven't given him any details as to how much per hour he will be making, or how many hours he will be working...when I asked him why he didn't ask-he said he didn't want to seem greedy by asking right off the bat! LOL!

Kevin and I are just kind of chuckling about how discombobulated this whole situation is. He doesn't want our advice-after all, we are just dumb parents and he is 19 and he knows what he is doing. I can so totally remember being 19 and knowing it all-except I was getting engaged at 19-not getting a second part time job!

We'll just have to wait and see how it all works out! He will be working at a nursing home facility about 20 minutes away...not the one that is just the other side of town by the same name and owners...hope he figures in the extra gas money and time!

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