Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I got half of the garage cleaned yesterday-the half I park my car in. Kevin's side was just too overwhelming! Plus he kept calling me back to the sun room to help him-on top of catching up on the laundry-and getting side-tracked with other things needing to be done-so I didn't get it totally finished. I am tempted to just leave it and see how long it will take him to clean up his mess-especially since my side is so neat and clean. Never got out to the pool yesterday either-it started raining again-boo!

Today was the big parking structure sale in Warren. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may remember me posting about it last Memorial weekend. Last year Auntie went with us. This year she wasn't able to go.I almost missed it myself. I totally forgot about it until Auntie said something on Friday when we were out searching for treasures together. She had her city wrong though, she thought it might be the Royal Oak Parking Structure Sale, but I looked it up and that sale isn't until mid July.

Eric and I scooted out after church and went to the sale. They were only charging $1 each this year for admission as opposed to $2 each last year and previous years. We both thought there was about a whole floor less of vendors as compared to previous years. There were more dealers there than average people trying to get rid of some junk. There also was a huge influx of flea market kind of stuff there, like flags, crafts, sauce mixes, cell phone covers-all the new bulk stuff you see at flea markets. I think there was at least a dozen people selling vintage jewelry and maybe that many more selling new.

Can you guess what my first purchase was???   Yep! Kettle Corn!!! Freshly made and still warm-mmm! I brought my red granny cart with the anticipation of filling it up with all kinds of wonderful treasures. I ended up with 2 things other than the kettle corn.

 It's already almost half gone! We LOVE kettle corn in our house!!!

I think this might be a bakelite handle...

This beauty was sitting on top of a shade that went to a broken lamp. I was so excited to find this especially in such good shape-and at the price it got it at! It was one of those, "quick start the car" moments.

We zipped through pretty fast and the whole adventure, including drive time only took 2 1/2 hours. That left us plenty of time to work on the sun room when we got home-woo hoo! We had a guy come out today to give us a quote for the drywall, and he was incredibly quick showing up, and had a really good price. He says he is going to come tomorrow-start and finish in one day!!! Based on our previous experiences with contractors...I'm not going to hold my breath.

We are sitting low right now, there is a tornado warning in effect for our area. We all ran around like crazy battening down the hatches, and getting the birds all put away. There are 4 projected tornadoes heading our way...with our luck one will come by and rip the sun room off!

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  1. I saw the weather warnings up there! Stay safe. You know - I live in Missouri..and Joplin had that horrible one last week. My youngest son lives down that way. You are SO lucky to find that shade! I have tons of lamps, but the shades are hard to come by!