Saturday, May 28, 2011

That Was Different...

What is the strangest, weirdest, most unexpected place you've ever gone to a garage sale? Today I went to a sale at a local campground! I've seen their ads for years, and have always wanted to stop, because we  camped there for several years when I was growing up. Our church would rent out several spaces and a whole group of us would go every year.

I was surprised at how big the park has gotten! It was a decent size the last time I was there (probably my junior or senior year in high school), but today it was absolutely HUGE! There are some tiny mobile homes there on the lake that are permanent, and there were hundreds of pop-ups, 5th wheels and motor homes.

It was kind of hard sometimes to tell if someone was having a sale or if they just had a lot of junk on their picnic table. So when in doubt, I skipped it. It was fun to see the old place and see what it has become. It was nice to see so many people enjoying it and to see that it is thriving all these years later!

I only got a few things, but I am very excited with my finds...

Did you get to any sales today? The skies are clearing up now, and it looks like the rain may be moving out for a while. I'm so tired of working on the sun room, I think I'm going to clean out the garage and then open the pool. Maybe summer will finally happen and we can get some use of out it!

Happy Weekend!!!

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