Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fundraiser, Festival & Flea Market...

Since the tile guy was going to be here for most of the day today, and access to the back side of the house is severely limited when he is here (and I don't like always feeling like someone is always watching what I'm doing-I'm sure he's not watching-he's too busy to care what I'm doing, but it just feels that way to me), I decided to take off in search of a couple of sales this morning. The first one was a fundraiser at a local nursing home. It looked like the workers from the home were holding a sale as a fundraiser for a family. They had a bunch of stuff under a canopy in the yard and some plants and bake goods.

This is what I found a half dozen homemade peanut butter cookies with Reese's pieces...once I got them out of the bag and onto the counter, they disappeared too quickly to take a picture!

 The bunny planter (ten cents) and the spode salt & pepper shakers were from the flea market.

 This enamel pot looks pretty beat up, but for ten cents it will be lovely filled with dirt and flowers!

Two Fire King bowls and a pyrex casserole-all three sold as a set-see the price sticker on the right? The gloves are from the sweet older couple's sale-five cents a pair!

The next stop was a Festival that I found by accident in my travels yesterday. It is the Heritage Days Festival in Marion Township. This is their 4th year. I felt kinda guilty being there without either of the boys or my husband because the whole thing revolved around tractors! I just went for the flea market part (which was really tiny-but I didn't know that at the time I paid the $5 parking/admission fee.), and ended up walking through all of the tractors too. They were surprisingly interesting and fun to look at!

Here, have a look for yourself!

 Pony rides!

 $10 each-aren't they HUGE!?!?

 Look closely and you can see the engine with a gun attached to it (in front of the wash tubs to the right). As the engine pumped the gun fired loud bangs of air that sounded like gunshots-it was most annoying!

This guy had all of his stuff running on the trailer-I guess it was too much work to take it off or something.

This is what I bought at the flea market...

I also bought one of the hanging baskets from one of the earlier pictures, as well as the spode salt & pepper shakers and the little bunny planter. It is really small and on the bottom it is marked U.S.A.. The lady told me it was from when she was a baby and she said she is 60-I guess she didn't like it, because it was only ten cents.

On my way home, I found a condo community sale and a very sweet older couple with some fun stuff at incredible prices! I almost didn't stop because they only had a couple of tables in their super clean and organized garage and from the road it didn't look like anything I'd be interested in...look what I got!

Once I got home, I had to make a run for more tile to the next closest Lowe's. We bought out all of the 16" tiles in the color/style that we are putting in the sun room at our local Lowe's-the next closest store was about 20 minutes away. As I am typing this, the tile guy is laying the last few tiles-woo hoo! He will be back either Wednesday or Friday to grout it. This is just a side job for him to make some extra money for his case you were wondering why it's going to take so long for him to get back to grout it.

Tomorrow is our first graduation party of the season. I almost missed it! I thought it was for next Sunday-good thing I needed to look at the invitation to tell my mom what time it started, or I might have shown up on the wrong day! The party is for my cousin's son Dakota. This is the same cousin that we showed up a day late for her baby shower because my mom read the invitation wrong-LOL!

I've heard from friends who have moved here from other states that they had never heard of high school graduation parties before they moved here. I've grown up with graduation parties so it was just as odd for me to hear about people not having parties as it was for them to see people having parties. What about you? Do you have parties where you are from? Or is this just some crazy Michigan thing?


  1. Those are some totally bargainous finds!! I love the 25 cent frame with the black and white photograph inside and your little 10 cent bunny!

    Jem xXx

  2. Great treasures you found what a fun day you had,