Saturday, June 18, 2011

Inventory Reduction Sale...Family Stuff...

This morning Kevin and I got up and headed out to a tent sale in the parking lot of a bathroom supplier who promised prices 75% off-HA! Even their supposed 75% off prices were about 75% higher than anything I've ever seen!

Can you imagine a kitchen faucet that is $928? After discount? It looks like the one at Home Depot for $249. Vanities for $4500, plain old non-jetted tubs for $2000, and people were swarming and buying things up so fast you'd think they were giving it all away!

We walked away empty handed, but agreed that you never know about stuff like that. It had just as much potential to be an incredible sale.

Today we are cleaning up the mess the tile guy made yesterday when he grouted the tile, painting the outside doors and Kevin is putting new brakes on his truck. Both boys are off house sitting for a week, then Eric leaves on his mission trip and I leave to visit my parents for a couple of weeks in the U.P..

My mom had big ideas of traveling all over the U.P. visiting all of the antique shops. I think it will be fun, but I'm not so sure it will happen. My grandma is getting much worse since her surgery a week ago yesterday. She just hasn't gotten back mentally. In fact, she is scary off mentally. My mom's on her way to take her to the hospital again-she's "talking" to her deceased mother, yelling, screaming, panting like a dog, seeing non-existent things like herds of deer, grasshoppers, bugs, spiders and playing with non-existent strings.

She doesn't know the Lord, and doesn't want to. So with everything going on, that causes and extra heavy-ness to settle in our hearts. My mom is exhausted and stressed beyond belief trying to see to both grandparent's every need. So, if you are a praying person, please pray for my grandma and my mom. Being so far away, that's about all I can do-other than just listen when my mom needs an ear to vent to.


  1. I am so sorry about your Grandmother. I am not sure of her age but it is so difficult when they are older, get anesthesia and are in strange surroundings. Hopefully when she gets discharged you will see a dramatic turn around. I will say prayers for all of you...

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  3. Hello,
    I am a brand new (today)friend, and I found you bloghopping and linky partying...not sure of the
    Anyways, I have a little story that may help you.
    My dad was an atheist all his life. It had to do with a very bad experience when he was a kid in catholic school. He never went into details, and I don't think we wanted to know.
    Just after he retired from the army, he was diagnosed with emphysema (sp?). It got to a point where he had oxygen 24/7 at home. One day I woke up and found him slouched on his armchair. He had no idea what had happened, but it turned out he had had a brain embolism. His left side was paralyzed. No excersizing for him was possible due to the emphysema. So he was now bedridden, with absolutely no possibility of recovery. You must understand the heartbreak. I remember my dad playing tennis from sunrise to sunset. He had been a very athletic, active man. But no more. His mental anguish had us crying, cursing, doubting God, asking Him why my dad, a good man, had to endure this suffering.
    One day, he called me to his side. "God and I have been talking" he said "and we are friends again". Two days later my daddy passed away. It was a very quiet, peaceful passing, much like the flame of a candle burning out. Not at all what the doctors had prepared us for.
    I praise the Lord now for giving him the chance to make ammends.
    Give the Lord and your grandmother time. She will find peace. I am sure of it.