Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oh, My!!

Kevin and I took off this morning on our usual Saturday morning date (treasure hunting). I found 2 sales that sounded really good from their ads in the newspaper. They both were frogs! Prices waaaayyy too ridiculously high at both. One was at the home of an antiques dealer and they still had their dealer tags on the items and were trying to sell them at store prices.

We decided to stop at some unadvertised sales along the route home and we hit the Pyrex jackpot! All of this came from 2 sales! I even got some zucchini for dinner! :) At the last sale, I was admiring the huge hedge of Rose of  Sharon that ran the length of the driveway and the lady who lived there pulled up some shoots of them for me to take home and plant in my yard! They are purple too! Can't wait for them to grow up and bloom!

With the other shoots Auntie got me earlier this summer and these, I'm going to have some gorgeous trees in the coming years!

Here is what I got did you do this weekend?

 I still haven't found a cushion for this chaise, or even any really cool vintage barkcloth to make a cushion with. That is tops on my treasure seeking list for the rest of the summer!

Can't wait to catch up on your blogs! I've missed seeing what you've all been up to!! I just got a new power cord for my laptop, so no more sharing Kevin's pokey old machine. Hope you are having a great weekend-I'm on my way to stop by and visit your blogs! :)


  1. What a great morning you had! I'm curious- what is the pattern on the wonderful glass set/holder? And, the pyrex- just fab!

  2. Boy did you hit the pyrex jackpot! wow!

    I have a similar chaise and I have looked every where for a new cushion, cna never find that shape? I do not know why. Bark cloth would look wonderful!!

  3. I'm so excited for you! I wasn't able to get out today, so I'm happy to see that someone found some great deals!!

  4. How wonderful a haul like that.I dont do gsales much now just cant get motivated to get up that early.Did opass one yesterday and stopped but the prices as per usual in this area were way too much.I swear some people have no clue how to organise sales and price accordingly..Hope i can find some treasures this week.
    I had a chaise a couple of years back was cane tho not woven Why did I sell it?? grrr

  5. What a wonderful treasure trove of Pyrex! You really found a couple of great sales!

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments! :) I love hearing from you!!! The design on the glasses in the carrier is gold colored fall leaves. They are all in wonderful shape-I don't think this set was ever used!