Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer in the Upper Peninsula...

It's been wonderful to spend some time with my parents at their home in the U.P.. I've enjoyed the slow pace, the gorgeous scenery and the clean fresh air. There are people around when you want to hang out with them, and there is plenty of natural beauty when you want to be alone and just soak it all in.

We were treated to a Texas style 4th of July including brisket, ribs and fireworks with friends from all over the lake my parents live on. My parent's friend from the Ukraine made a Ukrainian soup for us and yesterday he made crepes for breakfast.

Last night we went fishing for a little while, but got chased in by lightening. My Dad and his friends always catch big fish on their lake, but every time we fish, we only catch what I call fish sticks-fish so small they wouldn't be bigger than a fish stick! I caught 5, Eric caught 3 and Igor caught 2.

 Later Igor posted on facebook that it was his first time fishing in 30 years! He really seems to be enjoying himself while he is here. I can't imagine what is going through his head though with the culture difference between the United States and Ukraine. He is able to skype with his wife and girls every day, and since my parents have been to Ukraine several times, they know his girls and have talked with them all on skype too!

Adam will be here on Friday for the weekend. Then it is back to work for all of us. Hope your summer is going great so far! Mine has started off on a restful note.

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