Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Crazy Hour of Doggone Fun!

Our dog Maddie, a senior black lab mix, was having a blast the other day with a section of black corrugated tubing from the end of one of our downspouts. She ran it across the yard with her nose in one end, then ran to the other end and ran back with it.

She was so oblivious to anything else around her and was running around like a puppy again. It was so much fun to watch!!

It makes my heart smile to see her enjoying herself so much!

On a much sadder note, my mom called around 6:30...Hospice called and Grandma was struggling to breathe, and the felt that she wouldn't last much longer. So my mom, dad and Eric (who is still up north) were heading to her apartment to be with her and my grandpa.

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  1. First, I'm really sorry to see on Facebook that your grandma passed away. Our prayers are with you and your family.

    On the lighter side, I think it's hilarious about Maddie and the tubing. It reminded me of a 'fun' experience we had with Turner the Crazy dog when we landscaped 3 years ago. We spent much time and effort putting in a corrugated tubing drain from our porch area to the side yard, calculating the drop so it would drain properly. There was literally only 1" of it showing where it came out on the hill. Turner saw the chipmunks running in and out of it and proceeded to get his teeth into the edge and started pulling the entire tube out! What is it about Labs and drain pipe, anyway? I guess I don't need to add that it hasn't drained right since...