Saturday, August 6, 2011

Would You Buy It? What Would YOU Do with It?

I am linking up again over at Junker Newbie for "Would you Buy it Wednesday"! This is what I found this week...would you buy it? What if it was $2? Would you leave it as it is if you did buy it? Or would you paint it? Or would you have walked right on by?

I bought it, but I'm not sure if I am going to do anything with it. I was thinking of changing out the picture for something shabby...but I haven't decided-any suggestions? It's really big-about 30" tall...


  1. I would take the picture part out completely and use the frame out in the garden somewhere. (But that's just me!)

  2. I probably would have walked on by, but I agree with SueLovesCherries -- I think I'd take the picture out. Is the frame mirrored or is it open?

  3. I would've left it there for sure but the frame is quite interesting.