Friday, August 5, 2011

Great Day to Catch Up!

My friend and former co-worker Debbie (whom you might remember moved to Atlanta a little over a year ago), is back in Michigan with her daughter for a family shower and she had some free time today so we met up and went antiquing, went to a couple of sales and went to a restaurant that I've been dying to try for lunch.

We talked, and talked and talked and the time went by wayyyyy to fast! It was so nice to see her and hang out with her for a few hours! Man, I miss that girl!!!

These are my finds for the weekend, I'm throwing in the things I got yesterday after work too. It's not a big haul like I've been getting lately, but I'm happy with it!

I bought the glass shakers with the Fiesta-like-colored tops at LAO today from a fellow booth renter, Mitzi. I saw them last week and have been kicking myself for not getting them, and was just thrilled that they were there this week!

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to read about your Grandma! I sure miss mine ~ It's great that you had a visit with her.
    How fun to spend some time with your BFF! Shopping, talking and's a great day!
    Didn't find much myself this week..
    Deb :)