Friday, November 11, 2011

An All Around Nice Day!

Today has been kind of a whirlwind day, but in a nice kind of way. I got up and out the door to be at a church rummage sale that opened at 8am. It was in the town that my mom's family is from. It was at the church my great grandma used to go to. I went there several times as a young girl for their mother-daughter banquets. It was a very BIG deal in our family to attend these banquets. All of my Aunt's, my Mom, Grandma, Great Grandma, and Great, Great Grandma went. About the time my Great, Great Grandma passed away, my Mom and Grandma had a rift and we didn't do so many family things.

I used to LOVE those banquets! I got a fancy new dress and sandals and got a corsage-plus they had all kinds of prizes and drawings for gifts. It was neat to be back in that building today. It sure looks a LOT smaller than it used to!

When I got there, about 7:55, there was about 50 people in line in front of me! Really? Wow! As I waited those long last 5 minutes, my mind was going crazy with thoughts of how wonderful this sale was going to be!!! sure didn't live up to the excitement of my mind-that's for sure!!

Nothing was priced (you know how I feel about that already), it was strictly donations. They had one table of stuff that was supposed to be valuable so they were taking bids on that stuff. Nothing on the table or under the table was worth the hassle of bidding, and going back later for. I think most of the shoppers felt the same way.

As I stood in line I watched a woman totally rip them off. She got a white kitchen garbage bag full of clothes, and another one with ice skates, shoes, cross country ski boots, a vintage Star Wars space ship thing, and some really old baseball mitts, and she only gave them $4! Good thing I wasn't PMS-ing, otherwise I might have let the "REALLY-you're gonna rip off a CHURCH?" thought slip past my lips! LOL!

I went to the next table as they bagged up her stuff, so I got a totally different "cashier". I pulled all of my treasures junk out of my bag and spread it out on the table. She counted it up, looked it over and commented that I got some good stuff. Then she says that'll be $30! GULP!

YIKES! What should I do? I did find a couple of good things, but most of it was kind of bordering on "why did you put this in your bag?". What would you have done? Is it tacky to counter offer at a church sale? Should I have made all the people in line wait as I sorted out what I really wanted and gotten a new price for that? Should I have just paid it and considered it a donation to the church (who by the way was celebrating it's 180th year!)?

I swallowed my shock, dismay, and huge gulp of surprise, and I tried to make the shocked expression on my face fade into a normal look...and...I paid it. I figure it IS a fundraiser after all, AND I made up the difference from what the lady in front of me ripped them off for.

Do you shop at church rummage sales? Do you find good stuff? Are the prices reasonable? I've shopped them in the past, and found the prices to be usually really low, but mostly I've found that the stuff they are selling is usually stuff that has been really used up, and probably should be thrown out. I'm not so sure church rummage sales are for me-at least in churches around me. I've read other blogs where they get phenomenal stuff at incredible prices-but that just isn't the case around here.

After that sale, I stopped at a couple more sales on the way to visit my friend and her husband at her Uncle's house. Today was the second day of their estate sale, and she seemed really happy that I drove out to see how they were doing. Yesterday was their first day and they made $1000!! I couldn't believe how much stuff was gone! I was thrilled for them! They still had a TON of stuff, but I'd say at least half of it was gone-good for them!

I went on to one more sale then I met Kevin and Adam at Chili's for lunch. Did you know they were doing free meals for veterans today? It was packed too! As I was walking in, I noticed almost every car in the parking lot had some sort of military markings on it. Either on the license plate, or a bumper sticker.

It took forever to get our food, but it was a nice time to be together. We were also celebrating that Adam got a new position at the rehab facility he works at. He is no longer contingent-he gets a guaranteed 32 hours a week-woo hoo! Since Adam and I got the express lunch, we had plenty of chips and salsa to keep us happily munching while we waited.

Once we got home, Kevin and I spent a few hours in his wood shop in the barn working on the built-in cabinets for the sun room. We got a good start and I am soo excited for it to be done!!! We also had a guy come out to look at the doors on the sun room. We've been having a problem with condensation on all 6 of them. He agreed they shouldn't do that, and was going to see what he could do about replacing them-whew! I thought he would say-too bad too sad, so I am pleasantly surprised!

Now we are just hanging out. Tomorrow is Kevin's birthday. I got a Costco cake to take to volleyball tomorrow night to share with our friends that we play with each week. Other than catching up on laundry and household chores, that's it for our weekend. How about you? What are your weekend plans? Did you get to any sales today? Hope you did better than I did! :)

Here is what I got...

 An old rectangular egg plate.

 A fancy plastic gold mirror.

 Some evening purses and a green wallet.

 A Christmas bun warmer and a pair of smiley hot pads.

 A box with chickens on it...

 That opens up to reveal a block puzzle.

 A vintage dresser scarf.

 A jewelry or trinket box.

 Got this for the frame...

 An antique cookie press with some cookie cutters.

 A golden butterfly Pyrex 664 casserole dish-this thing is HUGE!!

An Avon covered butter dish.
 A package of old flocked Easter/Spring decorations.

 This is the same color as the vintage Fiesta gold color.

 What do you think? Was it worth $30? I'm not so sure, but at least the money went to the church.

Here is what I got at the other sales...

 Three chartreuse green baking pans with a wire serving rack, a set of old s & p shakers and an aluminum grease jar-I actually got these yesterday on my way home from work at a sale down the road. You don't come across the lime green Pyrex very often, so I may have to be a foster parent to these for a while! ;)

 A Japan rooster covered butter dish-a quarter! The tablecloth under all of my junk was from the same sale and it was a quarter too. When I asked the lady how much on the tablecloth she said "25" I almost dropped it in my haste to put it down and I asked "dollars?" She cracked up laughing and said "no, cents!"

 A Japan rooster napkin holder-a quarter.

 Some musical Christmas bells-a quarter.

 A bag of foil ornaments-from my friend's estate sale.

 A Florida tray from my friend's estate sale-didn't want to leave empty handed. I also bought an egg incubator and egg rocker/turner tray there for Auntie. She was just mentioning the other day that she wanted one.

 A big vintage pitcher and bowl set.

 This came in the mail today...vintage Fiesta sauce boat.

 This was in the same package from the mail.

 This cute little rooster plate was from the same sale where I got the butter dish and napkin holder. If I would have been about 10 minutes earlier to that sale I could have had the whole back end of my car filled with chicken and rooster stuff from Japan-just as I got there an older lady bought it all up!

I also got a ceramic Christmas tree that has a music box and light under it, with colored pegs on all of the branches-for some reason the picture didn't turn out.

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Wow, what a haul, I love rummage sales!

  2. Wow - you DID blab a lot! :D KIDDING. Great read - I HATE donation only sales. Will not shop at them at all. You did get some great stuff, but man, $30.00 is a lot of money for them to just throw at you! Love that rooster puzzle and 25¢ for a tablecloth is my idea of FUN!

  3. I love those foil ornies! If you put them in your booth I might buy them....

    Your blog looks gorgeous. Fiesta colors!


  4. I love those trees. My grandparents had one when I was younger. I saw one at a garage sale a few years ago and snapped it up. Unfortunately, it doesn't have all it's plastic pieces, so I'm always on the look out for more.