Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh Great.....You Invited How Many People?

I've been stressing like you wouldn't believe this week! Kevin and his co-workers were talking last week about their annual Christmas get-together. They decided since our house is pretty centrally located for everyone, that we should host. I don't have a problem with that, because at most there would be 16 or so people.

What I am stressing about, is that he decided to not only invite his team from work, but EVERYONE who works in the operating rooms at his hospital!!! YIKES!!! At the time, all I could think to say is "That's fine, but you better get heat in the sun room so we have enough room for everyone." Now I am thinking..."How in the world am I going to decorate the house!"

I'm not worried about cooking, or cleaning-I've already got a huge list of what appetizers I'm going to make, I'm stressing about having all of these doctors and nurses over to our house- and as a result of simplifying and purging a lot of stuff, we have next to nothing for Christmas decorations now!!

We used to go all out with the Christmas houses/villages, light up decorations in every window, light up things out in the name it, we had it! Now we have a tiny little 7 foot fake tree and lights for our front gutters....

Just typing this makes my heart beat faster! What are some nice (and inexpensive) ways to decorate for Christmas that doesn't look like you just got any old thing and threw it around the house? Now I might be regretting selling all of the vintage Christmas items in the booth this month!

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