Friday, November 4, 2011

What would you do?

What would you do if you were at a garage sale, and there really wasn't anything that was of any interest, but you happened to see this box on the floor...

You unwrap one and you see that it is vintage, but not very pretty...and the guy says the whole box is $5...would you buy it? Or would you walk away?

I bought it-and I'm so glad I did!!!

I went to another sale that was in a greenhouse. It was an estate sale where they were using the empty greenhouse to sell all the stuff. I couldn't believe my eyes at how high the prices were! I kept walking from table to table and stuff that should have been $1 or less was priced at $10 or stuff that should have been $30, was priced at $225. I was just about to leave when I saw a table of older children's books. None of them were marked so I picked up a little stack of them and went to the check out.

The lady running the sale said they were $2 each! I said no thanks and started to walk away and she immediately asked me what I would offer. I said nothing nearly that high and tried to pass a couple of ladies holding and petting a poodle (why do people bring dogs to estate sales?-I see them all the time!). They were blocking my way long enough for the lady to ask me to name my price. When I didn't respond in the 3 seconds she gave me, she threw out $5 for all of them.

We went from $22 for all of them down to $5 in about 20 seconds! I hesitated, and a man working there agreed that she was giving me a fair price. I did buy them-because of the little red book in the front...
The Story of Little Black Sambo. Someone gave it as a gift in 1970-they wrote an inscription on the inside of the front cover. The pages look like they've never been turned! It doesn't have a publication date either.
Would you have bought them? Or would you have walked away?


  1. Yes, I would have also taken a chance on the ornaments. What a colorful selection of ornaments you got! Hope I find a great box of ornaments (or anything interesting) at the flea market this weekend.

  2. Nice scores!!!I love the old ornaments and books! I would check ebay for the Little Sambo book...

  3. Probably would have snatched them up... love vintage children's books. Think I've learned a new tactic from you. :)

  4. Yes, I would have taken a chance on that box. Gorgeous ornaments!!

  5. I absolutely would have bought any box that said "Grandma's Ornaments"! I'm drooling over those treasures -- especially the sputniks!

    The books, though, I'm not so sure about...

  6. Definitely would have bought the books. That is a great price in my opinion. the ornaments I probably would have bought if I had seen them.

  7. I would snap up those ornaments to quick! Are you not glad you looked in the box.