Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Don't you just LOVE vintage hankies?!?!?

Yesterday I saw a baby quilt made out of vintage hankies and fell in LOVE with it! It was so awesome!! After cleaning and ironing all of these, I am tempted to keep them and try my hand at a quilt---sigh---if only I enjoyed, and was good at sewing!


  1. that sounds like that would be a gorgeous quilt!

  2. Love checking your blog every day.
    I 'received' a Liebster Blog Award today - a 'pass it on' way to share newer blogs through your own blog - kind of like a linky. You can see it on my post and follow up or not.
    Take a peek anyway and 'share your links' if you like.
    - Joy

  3. Yikes - loving those little Christmas hankies!