Friday, April 26, 2013

I am such a jerk sometimes!!!

Today I met a very lovely, sweet lady at the sale whom I met yesterday, and my blabbing and rambling in my post yesterday, ended up hurting her. I never mean to hurt anyone with what I say, here on the blog, or verbally in person. Unfortunately, I did just that. The verse from Proverbs immediately popped into my head...Proverbs 10:19 "When words are many, sin is not absent". Yesterday's post was after a really long, tiring day, and I should not have said the things I said.

I am sooo sorry sweet blog friend that my stupid, un-thought through words hurt you. Please forgive me! I have removed a large section of words from my post from yesterday, and I hope you believed me today when I told you how sorry I was!!!

I'm sorry if I over-stepped my bounds when I gave you a hug too! I have been so upset with myself all day long-especially since I wasn't near a computer so I could change my post and apologize! I am supposed to be at a women's retreat at our church, tonight, but I decided to go late so I could race home first to take care of my many words.

I also would like to apologize to all the rest of my blog friends-for not being kinder with my words in yesterday's post. If I offended anyone, I sincerely apologize, and ask for your forgiveness.

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