Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Where does the time go?

I can't believe Sunday is dealer day again already! Everything in my life has kicked into high gear and the days are just flying by! I feel like I've missed so much, but also done so much-if that makes sense...We're still trying to get out of the not moving daze, and we're doing pretty good with it, but it still is so weird!

Last Thursday, Eric and I went up to my parent's house in the U.P. for the weekend. He's a great travelling companion, always game for an adventure and we always have fun. We always eat too much junk too-but that's part of the adventure and fun I guess.

We stopped at the Antique Warehouse in Saginaw on the way and I found a lovely, lovely, lovely vintage tablecloth without a price tag. I found a worker and he took it up front to call the dealer for a price. I told Eric that I suspected it was going to be way too much, but if it was  a certain amount or less I'd get it. I ended up being the exact amount I quoted him-so of course, I got it!

We also found a Cabela's Outpost and stopped there for a quick walk-through. It was about an 1/8th of the size of the Cabela's in Dundee, but it was still very much Cabela's. I was surprised so much was down the road from the Antique Warehouse, I've always thought it was in the middle of nowhere because I've never ventured past it, and there is everything you can imagine (pretty much) just 2 miles away!

While we were driving on 75 north, a little past Gaylord, I noticed a car a ways back in my rear view mirror. It was moving at a pretty fast rate and the headlights were purple. More purple than I've ever seen before. I kept glancing back, watching its fast approach. 

When it passed us, we laughed because it was a hearse! Somehow, I don't think hearses ever have emergencies where they need to drive that fast. While we were laughing, I noticed the license in Dirt Nap. We both got a big laugh out of that, and Eric grabbed my camera while I sped up to catch up for a quick snap of the plate.

He forgot to turn off the flash! He was snapping away, and flashing away-while I was trying to get right on the guy's tail so he could get a good shot! We must have scared the guy away because he flew over and got off at the next exit! 

The next day, my mom and I drove to Gaylord to shop and hang out, and guess who we saw parked at the dollar store?!? Dirt Nap hearse guy!! I pulled up behind to get a good shot with my phone and told my mom that we should park next to him just to mess with him...make him think some crazy person in a dirty Rendezvous was stalking him.

We didn't, but we chuckled about it. We shopped all around Gaylord before heading to see my Grandpa in Cheboygan on the way home. He's really starting to slip mentally, and physically, his once powerful, strong legs are now like marshmallow roasting sticks. It is sad to see such a strong, virile man reduced to such a state.

I was surprised at how much snow there still is in the U.P.. I was also very glad to leave it behind and get to some warmer (almost) weather at home. 

We had a fun visit with my parents, and came home early on Sunday so I could have time to make a big dinner for Easter. I had asked Kevin to put the turkey on the grill at 1:30, since I planned to be home by 2:00, it would give me time to unpack and get the side dishes all made. He was afraid he'd mess it up, so he started it between 12 and 12:30! By the time I got home, it was 3/4 of the way done (he had the heat really high too).

When we pulled in the driveway, Kevin and Adam were in the front yard, and they had pulled out 5 giant, over-grown bushes (that should have been pulled out 3 years ago), because that's what everyone does on Easter Sunday-right?!? It looks great with them gone, but the front porch sure needs staining!!

My office was closed yesterday, so I spent the entire day at my friend Linda's mom's house, helping get more stuff organized and priced for her estate sale. Her mom was a child of the depression and she kept everything!!! She took care of everything too. She has clothes from the 60's that look brand new! None of her clothes were worn out, or ripped or stained. 

We got the entire house done, 90% of the basement done and 1% of the garage done. One more half day and I think we will be all set. We're planning the sale for April 25 & 26. Not a whole lot of vintage stuff like I like...mostly functional vintage stuff, and a ton of clothes, books, baskets and silk flowers. 

Linda was very kind and generous and gave me a whole stack of things yesterday. I asked her for a price and she refused to set one. She said to just take the stuff for my time. I got 4 practically new beach towels, a couple aprons, a vintage sewing basket, some frames, some hankies, a couple vintage dishtowels, and a vintage jar.

 Filled with beach glass...I cheated and bought it at the store!

 These all came from Hobby Lobby-my mom's new favorite store!

From Ebay! I LOVE it when I get a steal! I was also bidding on one of these in chartreuse-it sold for over $189!! I was out of the bidding before it got to $30. I'm still looking for my cheap one somewhere!

Today was back to work, and a surprise lunch date with my cousin. I had 3 people ask me to lunch today. I can go months without a single person asking, and today it poured with lunch dates! It's nice to get out of the office for a little while, and clear your head, especially now that we are in a transition phase again with one of our directors leaving. 

Tomorrow my entire office is meeting at Cracker Barrel for breakfast (35-40 people!) for an employee appreciation breakfast--all free to us! We get to do this 3-4 times a year, and it's a nice treat! 

What kind of adventures did you have this week? Find anything fun? No volleyball this week for me, everything is suspended for Easter break. I'll be spending the next couple of nights pricing and packing stuff for the booth.

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