Saturday, June 15, 2013

From Trash to Treasure...Picture Frame

I have  list of projects a mile long, and they are taking over our spare bedroom, our basement, our garage and our barn. I need to get over the fear of wrecking something and just do it!!! I'm starting with the cheap, easy ones...

What do you think?

 A fifty cent estate sale find...heavy plastic frame.

I LOVE it! I am not however, liking that I have a wedding to go to this afternoon, and now have bright turquoise over-spray on my (first time in about 15 years) manicure-ugh!!! I don't even mind that I painted the edge of my clothesline!


  1. I love it, too! Just think of the turquoise overspray as a 'salon effect'... people pay big money for stuff like that, so who's going to know anything different?

  2. I love the color too...and spray painting is one of my favorite activities! I need to get going on some of my saved up projects soon as well.