Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Hunt is so much fun!

I've been spending a ton of time searching for vintage/antique/old china for a friend of mine, for her daughter's wedding reception. I've been getting so discouraged too! I've seen it at so many sales, before I was actually looking for it, but now-it's like it has gone extinct!

I posted a comment on my facebook page about looking for it, because I know a lot of my "friends" are garage sale hunters and I was hoping that maybe they could help us look. I got a message late last night that might be exactly what we are looking for! I'll let you know tomorrow when she gets back to me.

I worked a little longer on Thursday than I have been for the past several months, so I didn't get to but a couple sales before I was ready to be at home. I did leave work for an hour to go to a sale that I LOVE every year, because if I would have waited until I got off from work, everything would have been picked over.

On Friday, I ran into my junkin friend Jennifer. She was leaving an estate sale as I was walking up. With a few simple words, she persuaded me to skip the sale-it sounds like the people running it were off the deep end as far a prices and attitude, so I'm glad I skipped it-ain't nobody got time for that!

I went to one sale that the add said to "allow 3 hours to view everything" in the house. Really? The sale was only open for 5 hours...what did that mean? Were they only letting in a small number of people,because it looked packed, and you had to spend the majority of time waiting to get in? I went to a few sales and decided to take my time getting to the 3 hour one.

I knew it was in a condo, do I couldn't imagine it every having enough stuff to keep you looking for 3 hours! When I got there, there wasn't a line, and I walked right in. There were a lot of pie safes in the pictures online, and I was hoping to get one to use to display my quilts. All but one was sold and it was $325.

There was a lot of people milling around, and buying things-for the most part, the prices were pretty good, and there was a LOT of stuff. I found two quilts that I am thrilled with, and super thrilled with the prices! I spent more time waiting in line to check-out than I did searching the house...maybe that is where they think the 3 hours comes in!

All in all, I spent maybe 20 minutes there, and I did the happy dance (inside) all the way to my car as I was carrying my quilts. I almost didn't go because of the "3 hour" thing. I'm glad I went!

I went to a few more sales, I love how very different each sale is, and how you never know what you are gong to find. The thrill of the hunt is definitely why I love hitting sales so much! I usually try to get all of my driveway shopping done by noon on Fridays so I have the rest of the day to do whatever I need to do around the house.

Today,we have a wedding to go to.  A friend of the boys is getting married, and the wedding is at a new, giant church in our area. I'm looking forward to it, although it does make me feel like I am getting really old, to see another of their friends getting married!

Here is what I brought home the past couple of days...

 I have a small addiction to Anchor Hocking Savannah...I can never pass it up-even if I already have the pieces! 

 This quilt was $1! 

 Normal Rockwell prints all 4 for a quarter!

 This is my "what was I thinking?" buy of the day...still shaking my head over this one...

A pile of junk-or treasures, depending on how you see it!

 I've never seen a double...have you?

 From the "3 hour sale"

I picked up these lamp bases with the intention of painting them. They fit the cake dome "shade" size better than the tall black one.

Hope you have a great weekend-Happy Hunting!!!


  1. I actually saw a double ice tray at a sale yesterday. I was going to buy a few but stopped when my daughter said "Mom, you already have enough of those". It's rare that she tells me this so I listened.

    Don't feel bad about that shabby bread box. It will make the perfect planter!!