Friday, February 26, 2010

Check These Books Out!

I recently stumbled on a very fun blog (C. Dianne Zweig-Kitsch 'n Stuff), and through reading this blog, I've found a couple of really fun books - written by the blog's author!

I checked these out at the library and have spent a lot of time pouring over the pages of them both. I've even taken them in to work and shared them with my co-workers!

If you love antiques and kitchen collectibles, you have to check them out yourself! They are very informative, and have tons of great pictures! While you are at it, check out the author's blog too!

Photo borrowed from C. Dianne Zweig-Kitsch 'n Stuff blog

Another book I have really enjoyed is:
It has a great section on my favorite...the 127 Sale!

Heading off to the library...more books are in that I've requested.


  1. Wow, everyone is surprising me with these wonderful shoot outs about my books.....Lately I am fixated on my blog (new for me) Since I am trying to get some company for my blog, I appreciate the post very come by and say the way I love Bruce Littlefield's book. He is a really nice guy and full of energy. I just bought another of his books,Airstream Living. FUN FUN dream to go out antiquing in an Airstream.

    thanks for the post, Dianne