Friday, February 19, 2010

A Frog of a Day...

Since it was such a lovely, sunny day and my husband and I both had the day off, we decided to drive around to a few flea markets and antique stores in the Ann Arbor, Ypsi area. What a bummer! The first two places didn't exist any more, but we did see an antique store specializing in windows, hardware, doors, etc. We went in and walked in a quick circle and went back out. The prices were really, really high-the cheapest thing I saw was around $800. That must be why none of the sales people actually got up from their desks to help us when we came in, they all (4 of them) just looked at us and went back to work...although one girl did say hello-probably because I looked right at her at the same time she looked at me-lol.

Then we tried to find an other shop in Ypsi and two in Ann Arbor. No luck there either! They no longer exist! So we went to an old, tried and true shop...Treasure Mart on Detroit Street. Usually, if you go during the week, you can find a parking spot and can actually manuever around in the shop. Today must have been some sort of sale, because it was PACKED! Parking was really hard to find and there were tons of people inside. I looked all around for signs indicating a sale, but never saw one. Didn't end up buying anything-too hard to look very closely with so many people bumping in to you.

The one bright spot was a stop at Green's Consignment on my way back home. I found a clear glass fall platter on sale for 75% off. My cost? $2.12! Not bad! I am hoping that tomorrow's trip with Chicken's Auntie to Holly will be a prince of a day!!

Hoping tomorrow will be a better treasure hunting day!


  1. I'm sure I know what the first store was -- Materials Unlimited! They ALWAYS look at regular shoppers (like us) as though we're trash and not even worth the effort of coming over to greet us. Boo...

    I'm looking forward to a Frog-free shopping experience tomorrow!

  2. You guess correctly! I won't go back there for sure!!!