Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Wishlist...

I've been reading a bunch of books from the library about vintage collectibles, depression glass, antiques and garage sales. One book recommended that you make a wishlist and carry it with you when you are out seeking your treasures because sometimes you get so caught up, you forget what you were looking for!

So I decided to make a small wishlist for myself. Hopefully, some day, I will find all of these things-at great prices, of course!

Chartreuse Fiesta Bulb Candleholders

Chartreuse Fiesta Wall Clock

Chartreuse Fiesta Millennium II vase

Chartreuse Fiesta Millennium III Vase

 Fiesta Vintage Mixing Bowl Set

Fiesta Vintage Relish Tray

Kitchen Kraft Fiesta Go-Along Refrigerator Set

Polka Dot Mixing Bowl Set

Vintage Pyrex Turquoise Mixing Bowl Set

Vintage Poinsettia Tablecloth

Plum Fiesta Fluted Vase in Medium and Small

Plum Fiesta Millennium III Vase

Fostoria American Mayo Set

Fostoria American Punch Bowl

Fostoria American Round Cake Plate (Newer)

Fostoria American Round Cake Plate (older)

Fostoria American Square Cake Plate (older)


  1. Loved this post...where did the photo sof the bowls come from....I love them. You could try posting your wish list on (I am the Editor). Stop by my my blog...Kitsch n Stuff for a visit, Dianne

  2. HI Dianne!
    I follow your blog and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
    My wishlist is for when I am out and about, and will hopefully "stumble" on it! LOL!
    The photo is one I found on-line quite a while back-I copied it so I could show my husband what to look for when we did the World's Longest Yard Sale...I'm not sure where it came from.

  3. LOL! Not really! Most of these things I would be very happy to just look at, and wouldn't necessarily need to own...