Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quick Local Antiquing Trip With My BAB (Best Antiquing Bud)...

Today is such a beautiful day in Michigan! It's February and the sun is beaming down warm and bright, and the sky is a beautiful blue!! Such a nice day to be out and about! Made a quick, fun little trip to Livingston Antiques with my BAB (Best Antiquing Bud) Anne.

Not only do we have different tastes/likes in the items that catch our eye, or what we collect, we go to the same place (usually by ourselves) and we walk through it in totally opposite directions! She always goes right, and I always go to the left. Today, we went to the left. I think from now on at the places I go to often, I'm going to start going through in the opposite direction. I think you get used to seeing things when you always go the same way time after time, and it's hard to see new things. Today, all kinds of things jumped out at me! There were a lot of new dealers today and/or dealers with new stuff-it was a lot of fun-almost like being at a totally new place for the first time!

Look at the blue skies!!! Pretty awesome for February in Michigan!

I love this booth! Look at how organized it is. This dealer took lots of time and care to present the whole booth as a display that is appealing and interesting with little groupings throughout.

Since I've been searching for the vintage Pyrex primary mixing bowl set, I've seen a lot of this Pyrex dinnerware on Ebay. This was the first time I've seen it in person. I don't think it will become a must-have, but it was neat to see up close...and it's chartreuse!

I was very happy to see that my favorite dealer (I call him the purple guy, because he has a whole display case with nothing but purple glassware), just consolidated his two booths into one and didn't totally leave the antique mall-like I had assumed when I saw his "moving out" signs a couple months ago. I even picked up a cute little amethyst pitcher from him.

At one booth, I was swept up in reminiscing. I came across a small roly-poly clown toy that my brother used to have and played with a lot when he was younger, and it made me really miss him.

This is what I got today...I was the "big winner" and got the most stuff. Thanks Mom & Dad for the Christmas money!
This isn't old, but I just loved how dainty it looked and couldn't resist!

I've never seen this pattern before, I'm going to have to do some research to find out all about it!

This was from the purple guy...I'm so glad he's still around!


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