Sunday, February 28, 2010

Count Down to the Michigan Antique & Collectible Festival...

There are only 97 days until the first Michigan Antique and Collectible Festival in Midland, Michigan!

2010 Dates
June 5-6
July 24-25
September 25-26

This will be their 42nd year. It is held only 3 times a year at the Midland County Fairgrounds.

Saturdays 8am-6pm
Sundays 8am-4pm

It's about an hour and a half drive from where we live but well worth it! When we went last fall, they said there were 1,000 vendors. It's a lot of fun to be able to visit so many different vendors all in one spot!

Photos borrowed from Michigan Antique & Collectibles website.
The last time we went, we walked for about 4 hours, and still didn't even see it all! We skipped the buildings, and stayed outside. If we had gone into all the buildings, we would have probably added another hour or two.
Admission is $5 per person. It is pretty cheap entertainment if you ask me! Even if you don't buy anything, it is still a fun day.

What did I get last year? A couple of pieces of chartreuse Fiesta, joint custody of a square angel food cake pan, 2 giant bags of kettle corn (that barely survived the ride home with 4 hungry people), and lots of fun memories!
This year, I plan to take my camera, so I can show you how much fun it is!


  1. I'll be there... as a vendor this time! I hope we can meet! Love the look of your blog background and header.

    Do you know of any other festivals or shows going on in Michigan? I am itching to sell!

    Michele at smile, wink, nod blog!

  2. How fun! I'd love to meet you! You'll have to tell me your space number or area where you will be, and I'll look for you! You could always check with the Williamston Antiques Mall, they have a summer open house where they set up a tent outside, they might allow outside vendors. You just missed the Brighton Masonic Antiques show-that was today in Hartland. They have it once a year at the old Hartland High School-it was fun today-LOTS of people shopping!!!

  3. OOPS Michele! I just remembered the Royal Oak Garage can check it out via this link... . It is in a big parking structure on all the levels. We really enjoyed it when we went a couple of years ago!