Friday, March 19, 2010

Follow up to "What would you do"...

Today the vintage Christmas tablecloth I won in Ebay arrived. I was anxious to see just how bad the spots were...I think they actually look worse than the pictures the seller emailed me, and there was a new long, almost pen mark like stain that wasn't in the original 3 spots she emailed me about.

I love the design, and was very happy when she refunded me a couple of dollars for not noticing the stains when she originally listed it. I'm just hoping that I can get the spots out with Oxy Clean and not cause the bright red and green to fade or run. It's either that, or become very strategic when I place our dinner dishes on it next Christmas!

 Any other suggestions besides Oxy Clean to try to remove the spots? They all look like food stains, so I am remaining hopeful!


  1. I swear by Oxy clean! Sometimes you have to leave the piece in for several days. I've only had colors run once, and that was something I'd paid fifty cents for.

  2. Good to know-thanks! That is the only thing I haven't tried yet!