Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fun in Williamston and Grand Ledge...

Today was the eagerly anticipated Williamston Antiques Open House! I went with Chicken's Auntie and another friend, Pam. We all enjoyed the yummy appetizers they provided as well as the 15% discount and booths loaded with great things to look at and buy!

We enjoy visiting when they have their open houses, but one thing that is kind of frustrating for us shoppers is that they have most of the dealers in the store on open house days. While that can be a good thing-if you want to try for a better price, or learn more about an can also be a bad thing when you have so many dealers all standing around and visiting with each other, that you can't even get in to their booths to shop! I had to say excuse me so many times today just to get in to a booth to look around that it was getting old fast, and a couple of them I just skipped right by.  I'm sure they don't even realize that they are making it difficult to shop, they are just there enjoying the day/event and being able to see other sellers that they don't get to see very often.

One fun highlight of the open house was to meet Mitzi from Mitzi's Collectibles! Hers was the first blog I read from someone I didn't know. She made these really cute pink and green clothespins with her blog address on them, and I had picked one up about a year ago from her booth. I love her booths and her blog! I asked her permission to take some pictures of her booth to update my blog and she was very agreeable. While I was in one of her booths, someone picked up a quilt and was asking everyone who's booth it was, and since I had just met her, I told the lady to look for Mitzi at the front entrance. I hope they connected and she bought the quilt!

This picture is of her second booth.

After we left there, we headed to Lamb's Gate and Salvage Yard (in Grand Ledge). The further west we went, the worse the weather got! We left gray skies and a windy 34 degrees and ended up in a snowy, blowing mess! It was good to head home and out of the messy snow.

We all made purchases at Lamb's Gate too! That is such a neat store! It is so worth the trip! We ate lunch at Sweet Linda's Cafe (just a couple of doors down). Chicken's Auntie and I got the Tuscan Chicken Panini and Pam got the daily special of quiche and salad. It was all very yummy and really great prices.

 It had roasted red peppers and a pesto mayo-yum!

We saw a store when we came in to town that was actually in the opposite direction of Lamb's Gate that had ANTIQUES in big letters on it. After lunch we walked through all the blowing, wet, yucky snow only to find that it was a candle/craft store with a few pieces of glassware. It didn't really live up to the sign. That was the one "frog" of the day.

See the snow on the roof-ugh! So much for the first day of spring!

Other than that one "frog" shop, everything else was a "prince"! Here is what I got today...

 A cute little gingham skirt with hand embroidery, that I am hoping to talk either Pam or Chicken's Auntie in to making it into an apron.

A cute little spring tablecloth (it was only 2 feet inside the door!).

I just love the little flowers on this one!

A pretty little pastel tablecloth.

Where and when is our next adventure??? I'm thinking it will be soon, because Chicken's Auntie recently sent me an email that Knightsbridge Antique Mall in Northville is having a sale through the end of the month 15%-50% off storewide! If the weather stays crummy tomorrow...


  1. Wow, Kim, what a great post! Those are wonderful photos of my booth....may I "borrow" them (with proper credit, of course)? It was nice to meet you too, I'm sorry we didn't have time to chat, but the whole scene was a little chaotic. I think your best find for the day was that tablecloth you plucked from the entryway at the Williamston mall. Pretty colors!

  2. Sure Mitzi! Use whatever photos you want-any time!