Monday, March 15, 2010

What would you do?

I won a really neat vintage Christmas tablecloth from a seller on Ebay. I paid right away for it...and then I get an email from the seller...she is apologizing that the tablecloth that she listed as having no spots, stains, rips or holes...has two small brown stains she didn't see before.

I asked her to please take a picture of the spots and email it to me. When she sent the email, she sent 3 pictures, because she found a third spot. I really like the tablecloth, but I'm not so sure I would like it so much with the stains-and I'm not sure they will come out.

What would you do? Would you ask for a refund (it was $7 plus $5.70 shipping)? Or would you have her send it anyway and take your chances?

This is only my second time purchasing a vintage tablecloth, so I'd appreciate some advice. Let me know what you think please!


  1. I'd keep it -- the spots might come out with washing and if they don't, they'll add character!

  2. I decided to have her ship it. Hopefully, I can be strategic with my dish placement when I use it if the spots don't come out.
    She sent me back an email and a $2 refund for my inconvenience-so I am thankful for that!

  3. Plus, those stains add character!
    Michele-smile, wink, nod!