Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday -Antiquing and Thrifting...

Since it is finally warming up here in Michigan and today was my day off, I decided to head out to Livingston Antique Outlet for a little mindless wandering. I was hoping to find some vintage linens at bargain prices! I was very happy with what I found...

My very first vintage tablecloth! It is huge and in really great shape...and it was a GREAT bargain!
I LOVE it!!

I know this purse isn't old, but it is cute and the price was right!

 Cute little embroidered napkins!

Then I had about an hour to kill before I had to pick my youngest son up at school, so I stopped at our local Salvation Army Thrift Store. It was really packed today! I didn't realize they were having a 50% off kids clothes sale until I got in there and heard them announce that you had to be in line by 2:00 in  order to get the special price. I was afraid I'd get stuck behind a million moms and be in line forever! I checked out at 10 minutes til and none of them were even in line yet-whew!

This is what I got:

Easter egg candy dish (minus the M&M's).

Not sure if these are candy dishes, or what they are. I kind of thought they'd be neat turned upside down and used as a pedestal to raise up other dishes...

When I got home, I got the bug to do some spring cleaning and decided to move a recliner out of the living room (it hardly gets used), and move in one of my antique trunks so we could enjoy looking at it. Of course, that meant having my snarly oldest teenage son (almost 19) and his friend move them...after about 5 minutes of him complaining and telling me he hates my trunk-I reminded them who buys their pizza every Friday, and that ended that discussion really fast!

I love this trunk! I got it at a garage sale in Ann Arbor last summer when I went out garage sale shopping with my friend Pam from work. I actually left without it, and went back several hours later, because couldn't get it out of my mind and regretted not getting it, and thankfully it was still there! It was painted white on the inside and had a bunch of Christmas cards glued into the inside of the lid, with what looked like wood glue! It actually was pretty easy to get all the cards and glue off with Kevin's electric scraper.

I touched up the black and brass colored paint. The wood was already in great condition.

The inside I lined with hydrangea wallpaper I picked up at our local Habitat for Humanity Store. Notice my little paint boo boo? I didn't realize the paint ran into the inside until it was already dry. I'd like to add some finishing touches to finish it all off and to try to hide the paint drip.

I'll have to take some pictures of my inadvertent trunk collection and post them at a later date. For some reason last summer, every garage sale we went to, just about, had an antique trunk for sale from between $3 and $20. So, not being able to pass up such bargains... we ended up with 5 trunks!! No more trunks for us!! We both love them all, and probably won't end up getting rid of any of them. We'll spend some time fixing them up and use them around the house...I might give up mom has always wanted a camel back trunk, and we really don't need 2 in the same size.

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