Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chicken Update...

Just a quick post with some new pictures of the girls. Eric comes home on Sunday. We are driving to West Branch to meet my parents-it's the half way point, and he'll come home with us. Just in time to register for his Junior year of high school, do back to school shopping, eye doctor appointment, and fall physical-all on top of re-acclimating to life in the lower peninsula.

The chicks have kept us laughing, and we've really enjoyed watching their antics-they seem to like to race each other, they love scratching for bugs in my hostas, they love, love, love going under our deck-and the funniest part of all is watching the dog corral them when they wander too far (in her opinion) away from their coop.

This is our most interesting looking chickie...I hear she will be beautiful once she is out of the goofy teenager stage...

Getting ready to race to the end of the pen!

Their favorite place to hang out late in the afternoon. It gets crowded on all 4 of these perches-the quail even hang out here right along side the chicks.

Just reminding them she has her eye on them-or is it the graham cracker I tossed in??

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