Friday, August 20, 2010

Short and Sweet!

Today's main goal was to find some new shoes for Eric for school. Do you know how hard it is to find size 15 shoes? In a cool style? Let me tell's pretty hard! Luckily we found a place last year about a half an hour away from our house that carries bigger sizes in cool styles! Today was one stop and we got shoes for both Eric and was buy one get one half off!!! Can't beat that!

 Pretty big boxes for pretty big shoes! The Pumas are Adam's, the Nikes are Eric's (he was able to fit into a 14 with this style-whew!!!

I think the reason Adam likes the Pumas so much, is that they make his foot look smaller-LOL!

I mapped out a few sales to hit on the way there and we did really well there too! One sale wasn't even advertised and had no signs-we just happened by it and stopped. I got 7 vintage tablecloths for $8. They are all pretty stained, but since I found Biz-I'm not afraid of stains any more! Eric got a tri-pod for his video recorder.

At another sale I got this glass for free out of the FREE BOX.

These came from another sale that was a fundraiser for homeschool curriculum they were in the box for only $2. So now, I can watch T.V. in bed and not disturb Kevin if he wants to turn in early!! 

We got lunch at Sonic and Eric got the strawberry limeade (of course, I had to try it)-boy was it good!!! Too bad it's such a long drive-or maybe it's a good thing it's such a long drive--otherwise we'd be at Sonic every day getting strawberry limeades!!!

Missed hanging out with Auntie today! Since she works from home now and isn't working at the church everyday, we only see each other when we are out treasure seeking together. She's off for the next week helping her middle son move into his first home-how fun!!

Sand volleyball later tonight-only one more Friday after tonight...where did the summer go? I swear it goes faster and faster each year!

Hope you found lots of fun treasures this week too! Happy Weekend!!!

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