Friday, August 27, 2010


Today was pretty much a frog of a day as far as sales go. Everything else, was pretty awesome-great weather (mid 70's, low humidity, beautiful blue skies, big puffy clouds), hanging out with Eric-that was the best part! The so much. Everything we bought we got at 3 sales.

On paper, it looked like it was a gold mine of estate sales and garage sales offering plenty antiques and vintage goodies. My heart did a little pitter patter when one ad actually listed "vintage collectibles". When we got there...there was enough stuff to fit on one small card table-spread out on 3 long 6' tables and it was more like 80's stuff with a 70's couch-bleh!

Eric was thrilled that there was a barn sale offering antiques and barn related items. Unfortunately, at that sale they had some really nice stuff, but it was priced wayy higher than any of our dozens of local antique stores.

We did a marathon route and went to 16 sales today. Started at the farthest place out and working our way back home. We were never more than 20 miles from home at any given time-mostly within 10 miles. The first one was an estate sale in a real rural area that offered "105 years of accumulation".

It was pretty creepy. The dealers were set up outside in front of the garage. We were the only shoppers for the first 10 minutes-the only ones in the house that was full to the brim with all kinds of stuff! It seemed like a first day and not the second day that it was. Things were 25% off today going to 50% off tomorrow. I saw some really cool old windows and shutters that I am pondering a return trip for the 50% off price.

One sale looked like the house just had enough and threw up in the yard-literally! There was so much junk-starting about 40 feet from the house and the end of the driveway running all the way up to the house and throughout the garage. It was overwhelming and a mess of very high priced junk.

 There was more stuff to the left that went out another 10 or so feet.

The main thing I was searching for...swanky swigs. Did I find any? Not one! Why is it, once I make up my mind that I'd like to get something-I never see it again, but when I'm not interested...they are EVERYWHERE?!?! Have you ever had that happen? What are you looking for and can't find? Maybe we should trade lists...I'll look for your treasures and you could look for swanky swigs for me! :)

This is what we came home with today...

 An old lawn darts (jarts) set.

 A fall tablecloth.

An old tablecloth-probably the most stained one I've gotten so far-I'm counting on the Biz!

A flattened bottle-I plan to use it as a spoon rest by the stove.

A blue pitcher-fifty cents.

An old jar with bunnies and ducks.

Some old ornaments, and one not so old ornament, fifty cents for the box.

At the sale where I bought the fall tablecloth, it was a young couple and they were holding an estate sale in their own home-selling everything in the lower level-including all the dishes and furniture-kids movies, toys, etc. I keep thinking about that sale, it was kind of sad...they said they were "downsizing".


  1. Sure...when I'm also looking for something special...I don't find it and then forget when I do!!!
    I need to buy some BIZ for some of my linens.
    Nice finds and hope you find some glasses this weekend!
    Deb :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Deb!! :)

    Biz is the best at removing stains and not damaging the fibers of the material like oxy clean does-and it for the most part doesn't take the colors out of the old linens or lighten them (noticeably. On newer things, sometimes it does remove color.