Friday, August 13, 2010

A Friday that felt like a Saturday...

All day today, I've been thinking it was Saturday and not Friday-do you ever get your days mixed up like that?  I think what threw me off was Kevin being off today. He spent his day puttering around the house, in his barn and running a few errands-then peeling 15 pounds of potatoes so I could make some mashed potatoes to add to to the meatloaf and grilled rosemary pork loin dinners I made for his mom and step dad. All the meals are done and in the freezer, ready to head north tomorrow morning!!

I left for a few hours this morning with Auntie to "play" (what we call hitting some sales). The first one we went to was an estate sale about a half an hour away. We got there 3 minutes after it opened and had to wait outside (it was a tiny house) for about a half an hour before we got in.

I LOVE to people watch! Do you? While we were waiting in line, I was curiously scoping out the other people around me-hopefully no one noticed, because I was still chatting with Auntie and trying not to look obvious. 

There was one couple in line ahead of us that brought their English bulldog puppy...who brings a dog to an estate sale??? It was a really cute puppy, and free entertainment while we waited in line.

Once we got in, we headed straight for the kitchen, then the linen closet! I found a pretty tablecloth with some fresh stains that didn't even require a soak in Biz-just a quick wash in the washer did the trick. It's my first turquoise/aqua cloth. I also picked up a little half pint milk bottle for a quarter. Auntie got some great treasures-check out her blog to see what she picked up.

After that, we hit a lot of frogs on the way home. At one, I picked up two old dish towels and the lady said "a quarter each", so I bought them and kept one and gave one to Auntie. The last sale we stopped at, was a barn sale that I've been to before, but they had a LOT of new junk treasures. I got a little juice glass for five cents-that quickly got broken-less than 10 minutes after I got home! I put it in the sink so I could wash it, and saw that someone had finished the last of the iced tea from the 3 gallon jug we always keep in the fridge, so I started filling the jug and just as I was lifting if off the edge of the sink, it slipped out of my hand and smashed the little glass-sigh...easy come, easy go.

Here are today's treasures...

This is the little 5 cent's in the trash now.

A cute little half pint bottle-unmarked.

A $5 tablecloth-all clean and drying in the breeze.

One of 2 dish towels that were a quarter each!

Now I need to go clean up a big mess...I started some pasta boiling and got so busy telling you about my day, I forgot about it until Adam asked "Who's burning the noodles?"  I guess I'm not as good at multi-tasking as I thought!

Have a great weekend!!!

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