Monday, August 30, 2010

An Estate Sale that starts on a Sunday??? I'm there!!

I was pretty surprised when I got my email update from that listed an estate sale that was starting on Sunday and running through Wednesday. I was pretty excited to go when I looked through the pictures! Not only did they have things for sale that made my heart skip a couple beats, the house where the sale was being held looked really interesting.

Yesterday was our "Launch" for Student Ministries at our church, and since I am the administrative assistant to 3 youth pastors/directors, I needed to be there to work the launch. We had one huge prayer and worship service for students 5th-12th grade and their parents. To pray over the students, the leaders and the coming year-as well as give the parents time to register their kids for the Sunday and Wednesday classes, get their permission slips notarized for the year and find out about all of the changes for the coming year with our new director.

I probably notarized close to 60 permission slips  myself, and the other notary probably did about the same. We bought 40 dozen donuts from Wal-mart and probably had 6 dozen left over. Donuts at Wal-mart are a real bargain-$3.88 a dozen! Other local donut places charge $5-$7 a dozen!

As soon as the launch was over, I flew home, picked up Kevin and Eric and we headed to the estate sale. It helped that it was only about 2 miles from Harbor Freight and about 1 mile from Sonic! We got there about an hour and a half after they opened and the street was lined with cars. When we got in the house-the things I had see on were still there!!!! I was a happy girl! I think all the cars were for the workers, because there were only a few shoppers.

It was a very neat house architecturally! I forgot my camera in the car-otherwise I'd show you the neat 6 panel rounded top wood doors, the very vintage kitchen still in pristine shape. The neighborhood looked like it was a very upscale place at one time many years ago, and the current home owners kept the homes and yards meticulously.

This is what I picked up ...

 A pink Manhattan tri-footed bowl.

The main reason for the trip-a dotty bowl!!

A vintage dish towel-soaking in Biz with a tablecloth from Saturday.

Have you ever been to an estate sale that started on Sunday? It was fun and almost felt like it was a special treat!

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