Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fun Reads!

I just recently read two very different books. Becca By the Book by Laura Jensen Walker and Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers. I enjoyed both of them and thought I'd let you know about them, in case you are looking for something to read.

Becca by the Book is a light, quick, fun read that had me chuckling out loud a few times. Here is what a reviewer from had to say...

Becca is the only nonbeliever in the Getaway Girls book club, mostly due to her unhappy childhood as the neglected daughter of a manipulative alcoholic mother who habitually pretended to be saved every time she wanted money. And Becca is equally adamant in her opposition to commitment, choosing to consider herself a free and adventurous spirit. When she breaks her leg skydiving and is forced into a lengthy recuperation, however, the other women in the group seize the opportunity to challenge her on several levels, and she soon finds herself introduced to Christian singles groups, language, concepts, and role models that gradually induce her to reevaluate long-held convictions. Walker’s newest Christian chick-lit novel is a leisurely spiritual coming-of-age tale rather than a romance like the first two in the series, and the prickly narrator is difficult instead of sympathetic. But readers who persevere will find the humor, snarkiness, and camaraderie engendered by a close-knit group of women of diverse ages and walks of life entertaining. --Lynne Welch  

Her Mother's Hope is another very well written book in a long line of excellent books by Francine Rivers. Here is what it is about...

Review from
Swiss-born Marta Schneider was her Papa’s least favored child, and his abuse pushes her to leave home and achieve great things, first in nearby Interlaken, later in England, then Canada, and finally in California, where she and her German husband, Niclas, settle down to raise their four children in the lull between the two world wars. Niclas is a godly and trusting man with a university degree who nonetheless has a powerful desire to work the soil. So it falls to shrewd and ambitious Marta to protect them all from greedy and unscrupulous folk who would take advantage. Romance Writers of America Hall of Famer Rivers’ eagerly anticipated, first full-length Christian novel since 2003 is an emotionally rich exploration based loosely on her own family history as it follows world events through the first half of the twentieth century. The first in a two-part saga about four women, Rivers’ novel will appeal to readers who enjoy historical fiction and sweeping family sagas with exotic settings. As her compelling characters seek to do what they feel their faith demands, Rivers sets their resonant struggles against dusty streets, windswept Canadian plains, and California vineyards in vivid scenes readers will not soon forget. --Lynne Welch

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