Saturday, July 31, 2010

Slow and Easy Saturday...

Today was a very quiet and laid back kind of day. We slept in a bit, made a huge breakfast, and hit a few sales. It has been really gray all day and VERY humid-but no raid...yet!

These are our treasures for today...

A bunch of late fifties/early sixties Good Housekeeping magazines-a quarter each! Don't you just love these covers? I'm having a blast going through them!

A purple Pyrex pie plate.

A purple bowl.

 Not Candlewick-but seems old...

My last galvanized bucket for flowers, and a chicken feeder.

The "guy" stuff Kevin picked up. He actually got the hatchet for free! I've been teasing him about the pill box...he bought it for his prescription acid reducer (that he keeps forgetting to take!)-hoping if he sees the box on the counter in the bathroom everyday, it will remind him to take his pill.

We made a little side-trip to Costco where we found the gutter things he was looking for last weekend at Menards..for less than half the price of Menards! Gotta LOVE Costco-what a bargain!

What were your weekend treasures?

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